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Enlightnement.....well, sorta. April 29, 2010 - 9:37:30
Genrally, I'm a very easy guy to get along with and it takes a lot, and I mean A LOT to get me angry to the point to where I hate something or someone with a firey passion.  I don't hate very many people and things.  A lot I dislike, but very few do I actually hate.  One of those things I hate so much is the grunge band Nirvana.

I was probably one of the few people when I was in middle and high school that hated that band.  For the longest time, I could never pinpoint why exactly I hated Nirvana so much.  Normally, I don't hate something unless I have a dang good reason.  I just hated 'em, plain and simple. But on Saturday, April 24th, that all changed

I was listening to the local Classic Rock station in the area, 1054th, I was finally able to pin down.7 WAPL while running some errands and a Nirvana song had just finished playing.  Needless to say, my eyes rolled when I recgonized the song.  Then the person who was the DJ at that hour, Roxanne Steele, talked a bit about Nirvana.  She mentioned that Nirvana has frequently been credited with the dubious honor of being the band that killed Hair Metal.

For those unfamiliar with Hair Metal, some example bands of this genre are Twisted Sister, Scorpions, Whitensake, David Lee Roth-era Van Halen, Judas Priest, etc.  I am a ginormous fan of Hair Metal.  Suddenly, everything made sense.  I finally found the reason I had such a strong disdain for Nirvana.  Don't get me wrong, it's not like I've lost sleep trying to find that reason all these years.  Believe me, I've had far greater things to worry about, especially in recent months.  But it's nice to know I have one less minor thing to concern myself with.

- Snazzy Azzy
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Could you kindly get off my back now? :P April 13, 2008 - 14:55:10
Well, I did it.  After having to put up with it from countless people for NOT having seen it, I finally got a copy of it on DVD last week and today I watched.........The Goonies.  It is indeed quite an entertaining movie, no doubt about that.

But anyhoo, the Chicago trip on Friday was pretty cool too.  It did kinda get off to e bit of a rough start, as I got to school only to realize that I had left the receipt I needed to get on the bus back at home.  So I speed my way to and back with minutes to spare, only to get on WITHOUT them checking for the receipt.  ARRGGGHHH!!!!  Seriously, what was the point in giving us those reciepts when we pay for the trip if you're not gonna check for them!?  Thankfully though, that was the ONLY frustrating/bad thing that happened.  Well, unless youcount having to see that "renovated" monstrosity that is Soldier Field on the way in.  Seriously, it looks like a UFO crash-landed on it.

Anyways, I ended up making my first stop at the Art Institute of Chicago.  You could seriously lose yourself for days in that place.  It is so amazing and so different to see the paintings and sculptures you could only first see in the textbooks right there in front of your face.  Totally awesome.  After that, I got back on the coach bus (it was going around a few areas that day) and ended up getting off at the Museum of Comtemporary Art with a friend of mine from Anime Club, Phil.  While we did eventually enter that museum, we first did some wandering around the downtown area when a friend of his who recently graduated tagged along.  We stopped at one of the local malls, where we got some good 'ol authentic Chicago-style pizza for lunch.  Good stuff.  We wandered around the mall a bit, then made our way to a nearby Borders bookstore where I managed to snag a copy of Vol. 18 of the Eyeshield 21 manga.  had I not needed the extra money for dinner, I would've snagged a copy of Vol. 19 (the most recent volume) too.  Not much happened afterwards.  We went to that other museum, stopped in the area of Belmont and Clark streets for dinner and made our way back home.

But what I'm most looking forward to is NoBrand Con this Friday-Sunday.  Until next time!

- Snazzy Azzy
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My first TRHOnline blog post in nearly 6 months........ March 8, 2008 - 16:55:38
And boy, has a lot happened!  Not like all of it was interesting (in fact, most of it was either boring or stress-inducing), but a lot happened nonetheless.  The highlights:

1.) Being able to watch Favre in what would ultimately be his last season.  Granted, it wasn't exactly a storybook ending.  But at least the Giants didn't make the Packers look too bad for losing by beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl.  Also, the Pep Rally that took place the day before the Seattle game was an absolute blast.

2.) Made my first trip to an out-of-state anime convention in Columbus, Ohio called Ohayocon.  It turned out to be a bit of a mixed blessing as the early stumbles of the con's blatantly inexperienced staff nearly ruined the experience.  Fortunately, there happened to be enough good panels and such out there to make it at least partly worth the trip.

3.) My local DAV (Disabled American Veterans, for those who didn't know what hose letters stood for) Chapter's Christmas Party, in which I acquired a nice present (via raffle drawing) for that galpal of mine I mentioned in the last blog post (more on her later).

4.) Watching some rather interesting College Basketball games (although the UW-GB Women's games usually proved to be much more interesting).

This Spring semester's been pretty much a lot of the same especially with the Women's basketball games and the stress-inducing classwork that keeps getting handed to me, but I've been managing.  The true lowlight so far has to have been when that galpal I mentioned about that I had those feelings for gave me the 'ol "Let's stay friends, end of story" types of speeches.  It may have left me a little devastated for about a day or two (tops), I relatively quickly got over it.  We had been friends for quite some time, so it was that equally deep respect I had for her as a friend that helped me out here. 

Thnings are looking quite up though.  NoBrand Con is about 41 days away or so and I MIGHT (note the keyword, "MIGHT") have a date for it.  I asked one of the gals on that singles thread on the NBC forums out and she has yet to get back to me on that.  Me and her have been chatting back and fourth online since, so that's definitely a good sign.  I've always looked forward to NBC every year since I started going to it in 2006, and it's possible that I can have one extra reason to enjoy it if she accepts my offer.

As far as today goes, I was looking through my transcripts at school and it turns out that at my current pace, I will likely end up graduating in the Fall 2009 semester.The only real bad part about this: I'll end up missing out completely on the next opportunity on the Japan travel course.  I can't do it this year cause Financial Aid wouldn't help me at all and it's absolutely impossible for me to rustle up $4,000 at this point (the trip is only offered every other year).  On the upside of that though, I can use what I hope to have saved up by that point to instead finally get my own apartment.  I'll likely have to split it with a couple of people, but I think I can find one or two that I could trust.  That's it for now. 

Until next time!

- Snazzy Azzy
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Even though nobody usually reads these...... September 11, 2007 - 12:39:27
and that I hardly ever do too terribly often, I figured now would be as good a time as any to do some blogging.  I am in the midsts of my 2nd week of the Fall semester at UW-Green Bay and will be a Senior come Spring.  Needless to say, when I got that nice little e-mail from the Registrar's office, the one notifying me that they're gonna charge me (once, supposedly) $35 extra for acheiving Senior status a few weeks ago, it came as a bit of a reality check.  And now that I have all my Gen Ed courses out of the way and getting into my degree-oriented courses, things are gonna get a bit tough(and they have proven to be so far).  But I expected this drastic increase in difficulty, so it's not I'm gonna go all Shinji on everybody.  Thankfully, I only got a couple of years yet, so I plan on making on the most of things.  They're in the midsts of renovating a couple of areas here on campus(the Student Union and a couple of other places) and from what they've got done so far, it's looking pretty decent.  But as always, I am ALWAYS looking forward to the weekly Otaku Anime Club meetings on Thursday nights.

Speaking of OAC, my good friend Cassie(whom I care for and like a LOT) is the new Maestro(Club president), since the prior Maestro has gone to St. Norbert College to further pursue his Japanese Studies degree.  Last week's meeting went as good as expected, especially considering OrgSmorg(where all the clubs gather to recruit new members) isn't until a week from tomorrow.  We watched some random stuff on YouTube prior to club start, then watched some Full Metal Panic: FUMOFFU!.  We should be wrapping that up this week, then starting a new series the week after once the club noobs show up.  Definitely beats my Summer break.

I wasn't up to too terribly much on Summer Break, but it wasn't a total waste either.  For the most part, I caught up with a lot of anime and video games I just didn't have time for during the school year.  But I also made time to hang out with a lot of my friends from Anime Club.  We went bowling a couple of times and had an Animarathon on-campus.  I also took Casie out to lunch for her birthday earlier in the summer, which went pretty good.  I bowled in a couple of thankfully-short Spring bowling leagues and went golfing a few times.  I honestly don't think Tiger Woods has to worry about me anytime soon.

Other Random Stuff:

-- Got addicted to Ninja Warrior, the only show I will ever watch on G4 aka Spike Tv2.

-- Caught almost all of Season 2 of Who Wants To Be A Superhero? and now am contemplating trying out for Season 3.

-- Interested in seeing how Drew Carey will handle things on The Price Is Right.

That's about all I got for now.  Later!

- Snazzy Azzy
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Green Bay Otaku Get-Together May 16, 2007 - 15:24:18
Me and my good friend Cassie are trying to arrange a get-together.  It takes place this Sunday(May 20th) at 2pm at Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley.  It's a good chance to hang out, have some fun bowling and engage in some DDR goodness, as this particular bowling center is cool enough to have a DDR machine in it.  Anybody interested PM me so I can let Cassie and the people at Ashwaubenon know.  Later!
- Snazzy Azzy
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[insert witty blog title here] May 13, 2007 - 15:02:31
Not much going on, just taking a break from studying for my last Final Exam for the semester(which is tomorrow).  This has been my most stressful semester to date, so I'll be that much more glad when it's done.  As it turns out, I'll likely be in Milwaukee for a little while on Thursday, as my dad and sister have some business to tend to at USBC Headquarters, leaving me and my mom to just kill some time at the nearby mall(I forget the name of the mall, but will edit this entry when I do remember).  Until next time!
- Snazzy Azzy
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And down the stretch they come!!! May 10, 2007 - 14:56:54
Well, I haven't been up to too terribly much other than just trying to survive the wonder that is Finals Week.  It actually started TODAY for some odd reason and because I have my last Final on Monday, I have to end up skipping ACen for yet another year.  Oh well, there's always next year.  Anyhoo, I had spent the last few days prior to today working on a couple of projects for my Design Methods class that were due today plus I had an Astronomy final exam as well.  The latter seemed to go well, but I'm concerned about the Final exam for my History of the Visual Arts II class, as I have been stuggling in that class all semester long.

But instead of spending all of my time worrying ang getting all angsty about it, I'm gonna use that energy elsewhere.  Today, it's all about chilling out and bowling in a Spring league at Willow Creek.  Tomorrow night, I'm bowling in the 6pm squad of the Willow Creek Classic.  I plan to go out golfing early Saturday afternoon and THEN I start cracking down on the Final exam studying.  Earlier in the week, the family went out to Pizza Hut for dinner and we got a two of those vouchers for FREE Terace Level seats at an upcoming Brewers game of our choice(with the exception of the June 4-6th series against the Cubs).  So if I do end up making it out to Miller Park sometime this summer, the users will be the first to know!


- Snazzy Azzy
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Random stuff. February 16, 2007 - 7:36:45
Anyhow, school's been going ok for the most part.  But, my Astronomy professor wants us to buy ANOTHER book that'll cost about $75.  The problem with that is I ain't got the $75 to throw around until the beginning part of March, which will be well after our first exam.  Somehow, I ain't too worried about it.  Maybe it's because I'm trying to keep the little things from bugging me so much.  In brighter news, I got myself a new bowling ball last week and did alright with it this past Tuesday night.  A 532 with a 195 high game is good by my standards, especially considering how I've been doing the rest of the season so far.  It's only another 2+ months until NoBrand Con, so I gotta get around to pre-regestering for it pretty quickly. 

Speaking of NoBrand Con, there's a galpal of mine from Otaku Anime Club that I'm riding up to NBC with who I really like a lot.  She also happens to be a yaoi fangirl.  Call me crazy if you will, but ever since the last NoBrand Con, I always wondered what it was like to date a yaoi fangirl.  Well, I shall blog to you later!

- azumangadaioh22
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Intervew by a befu(sorry this took so long!). January 6, 2007 - 23:13:01
1. Would you rather be carpet or tiled floor?

Tiled floor.  I'm easy to get along with as tiled floor is easy to clean.

2. You get to redefine a word. The word is "juxtapose". What's it's definition?

A fancy celebration, usually done by an athlete after making a critical play.

3. How many things do I have sitting atop my iMac? Bonus points if you can actually name what they are.

Where was the iMac?  I think I missed it.

4. Squishy or fluffy?

This could go wither way.  It depends on who can capatilize on the other's weakness.

5. Favorite song that is not anime related?

I have a lot of them, but one that comes to the top of my head is Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth.

- azumangadaioh22
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