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Could you kindly get off my back now? :P April 13, 2008 - 15:55:10
Well, I did it.  After having to put up with it from countless people for NOT having seen it, I finally got a copy of it on DVD last week and today I watched.........The Goonies.  It is indeed quite an entertaining movie, no doubt about that.

But anyhoo, the Chicago trip on Friday was pretty cool too.  It did kinda get off to e bit of a rough start, as I got to school only to realize that I had left the receipt I needed to get on the bus back at home.  So I speed my way to and back with minutes to spare, only to get on WITHOUT them checking for the receipt.  ARRGGGHHH!!!!  Seriously, what was the point in giving us those reciepts when we pay for the trip if you're not gonna check for them!?  Thankfully though, that was the ONLY frustrating/bad thing that happened.  Well, unless youcount having to see that "renovated" monstrosity that is Soldier Field on the way in.  Seriously, it looks like a UFO crash-landed on it.

Anyways, I ended up making my first stop at the Art Institute of Chicago.  You could seriously lose yourself for days in that place.  It is so amazing and so different to see the paintings and sculptures you could only first see in the textbooks right there in front of your face.  Totally awesome.  After that, I got back on the coach bus (it was going around a few areas that day) and ended up getting off at the Museum of Comtemporary Art with a friend of mine from Anime Club, Phil.  While we did eventually enter that museum, we first did some wandering around the downtown area when a friend of his who recently graduated tagged along.  We stopped at one of the local malls, where we got some good 'ol authentic Chicago-style pizza for lunch.  Good stuff.  We wandered around the mall a bit, then made our way to a nearby Borders bookstore where I managed to snag a copy of Vol. 18 of the Eyeshield 21 manga.  had I not needed the extra money for dinner, I would've snagged a copy of Vol. 19 (the most recent volume) too.  Not much happened afterwards.  We went to that other museum, stopped in the area of Belmont and Clark streets for dinner and made our way back home.

But what I'm most looking forward to is NoBrand Con this Friday-Sunday.  Until next time!
- Snazzy Azzy
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