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Even though nobody usually reads these...... September 11, 2007 - 13:39:27
and that I hardly ever do too terribly often, I figured now would be as good a time as any to do some blogging.  I am in the midsts of my 2nd week of the Fall semester at UW-Green Bay and will be a Senior come Spring.  Needless to say, when I got that nice little e-mail from the Registrar's office, the one notifying me that they're gonna charge me (once, supposedly) $35 extra for acheiving Senior status a few weeks ago, it came as a bit of a reality check.  And now that I have all my Gen Ed courses out of the way and getting into my degree-oriented courses, things are gonna get a bit tough(and they have proven to be so far).  But I expected this drastic increase in difficulty, so it's not I'm gonna go all Shinji on everybody.  Thankfully, I only got a couple of years yet, so I plan on making on the most of things.  They're in the midsts of renovating a couple of areas here on campus(the Student Union and a couple of other places) and from what they've got done so far, it's looking pretty decent.  But as always, I am ALWAYS looking forward to the weekly Otaku Anime Club meetings on Thursday nights.

Speaking of OAC, my good friend Cassie(whom I care for and like a LOT) is the new Maestro(Club president), since the prior Maestro has gone to St. Norbert College to further pursue his Japanese Studies degree.  Last week's meeting went as good as expected, especially considering OrgSmorg(where all the clubs gather to recruit new members) isn't until a week from tomorrow.  We watched some random stuff on YouTube prior to club start, then watched some Full Metal Panic: FUMOFFU!.  We should be wrapping that up this week, then starting a new series the week after once the club noobs show up.  Definitely beats my Summer break.

I wasn't up to too terribly much on Summer Break, but it wasn't a total waste either.  For the most part, I caught up with a lot of anime and video games I just didn't have time for during the school year.  But I also made time to hang out with a lot of my friends from Anime Club.  We went bowling a couple of times and had an Animarathon on-campus.  I also took Casie out to lunch for her birthday earlier in the summer, which went pretty good.  I bowled in a couple of thankfully-short Spring bowling leagues and went golfing a few times.  I honestly don't think Tiger Woods has to worry about me anytime soon.

Other Random Stuff:

-- Got addicted to Ninja Warrior, the only show I will ever watch on G4 aka Spike Tv2.

-- Caught almost all of Season 2 of Who Wants To Be A Superhero? and now am contemplating trying out for Season 3.

-- Interested in seeing how Drew Carey will handle things on The Price Is Right.

That's about all I got for now.  Later!
- Snazzy Azzy
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