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And down the stretch they come!!! May 10, 2007 - 15:56:54
Well, I haven't been up to too terribly much other than just trying to survive the wonder that is Finals Week.  It actually started TODAY for some odd reason and because I have my last Final on Monday, I have to end up skipping ACen for yet another year.  Oh well, there's always next year.  Anyhoo, I had spent the last few days prior to today working on a couple of projects for my Design Methods class that were due today plus I had an Astronomy final exam as well.  The latter seemed to go well, but I'm concerned about the Final exam for my History of the Visual Arts II class, as I have been stuggling in that class all semester long.

But instead of spending all of my time worrying ang getting all angsty about it, I'm gonna use that energy elsewhere.  Today, it's all about chilling out and bowling in a Spring league at Willow Creek.  Tomorrow night, I'm bowling in the 6pm squad of the Willow Creek Classic.  I plan to go out golfing early Saturday afternoon and THEN I start cracking down on the Final exam studying.  Earlier in the week, the family went out to Pizza Hut for dinner and we got a two of those vouchers for FREE Terace Level seats at an upcoming Brewers game of our choice(with the exception of the June 4-6th series against the Cubs).  So if I do end up making it out to Miller Park sometime this summer, the users will be the first to know!

- Snazzy Azzy
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