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My first TRHOnline blog post in nearly 6 months........ March 8, 2008 - 17:55:38
And boy, has a lot happened!  Not like all of it was interesting (in fact, most of it was either boring or stress-inducing), but a lot happened nonetheless.  The highlights:

1.) Being able to watch Favre in what would ultimately be his last season.  Granted, it wasn't exactly a storybook ending.  But at least the Giants didn't make the Packers look too bad for losing by beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl.  Also, the Pep Rally that took place the day before the Seattle game was an absolute blast.

2.) Made my first trip to an out-of-state anime convention in Columbus, Ohio called Ohayocon.  It turned out to be a bit of a mixed blessing as the early stumbles of the con's blatantly inexperienced staff nearly ruined the experience.  Fortunately, there happened to be enough good panels and such out there to make it at least partly worth the trip.

3.) My local DAV (Disabled American Veterans, for those who didn't know what hose letters stood for) Chapter's Christmas Party, in which I acquired a nice present (via raffle drawing) for that galpal of mine I mentioned in the last blog post (more on her later).

4.) Watching some rather interesting College Basketball games (although the UW-GB Women's games usually proved to be much more interesting).

This Spring semester's been pretty much a lot of the same especially with the Women's basketball games and the stress-inducing classwork that keeps getting handed to me, but I've been managing.  The true lowlight so far has to have been when that galpal I mentioned about that I had those feelings for gave me the 'ol "Let's stay friends, end of story" types of speeches.  It may have left me a little devastated for about a day or two (tops), I relatively quickly got over it.  We had been friends for quite some time, so it was that equally deep respect I had for her as a friend that helped me out here. 

Thnings are looking quite up though.  NoBrand Con is about 41 days away or so and I MIGHT (note the keyword, "MIGHT") have a date for it.  I asked one of the gals on that singles thread on the NBC forums out and she has yet to get back to me on that.  Me and her have been chatting back and fourth online since, so that's definitely a good sign.  I've always looked forward to NBC every year since I started going to it in 2006, and it's possible that I can have one extra reason to enjoy it if she accepts my offer.

As far as today goes, I was looking through my transcripts at school and it turns out that at my current pace, I will likely end up graduating in the Fall 2009 semester.The only real bad part about this: I'll end up missing out completely on the next opportunity on the Japan travel course.  I can't do it this year cause Financial Aid wouldn't help me at all and it's absolutely impossible for me to rustle up $4,000 at this point (the trip is only offered every other year).  On the upside of that though, I can use what I hope to have saved up by that point to instead finally get my own apartment.  I'll likely have to split it with a couple of people, but I think I can find one or two that I could trust.  That's it for now. 

Until next time!
- Snazzy Azzy
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