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screenshot of blogsImportant: Due to the large number of Spam blogs created, TRHBlogs is no longer a service open to the public. To create a blog now, you must be an existing member of TRHOnline with "karma" in good standing. If you don't know what that means, you haven't been on this site long enough to use the service. Sorry about this, but a bunch of jerks spoiled it for the rest of us.

Welcome to TRHBlogs, a free, new service from You know, the site that brought you such internet classics as Do You Shaq Fu? and The Steven Seagal Movie Generator. The goal of TRHBlogs (and, well, in general) is to create a community of like minded-weirdos, a place to gather and Geek-out.  Just a warning though - this service is still in its beta form, so not all features have been implemented. If there is a feature you're looking for, that hasn't been added yet, don't be afraid to ask for it. Heck, that's how half of the stuff ended up in the service to begin with.

Want your own TRHBlog?  If you have a sign-on for, then you already have one! Don't have a account? Getting one is easy and just takes a few moments to register.

Once you do that, you can start poking around at the Admin panel.  Feel free to set up a blog, and putz around.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  If there is a feature that has not been added, that you would like to see, please feel free to request it.
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