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Random stuff. February 16, 2007 - 8:36:45
Anyhow, school's been going ok for the most part.  But, my Astronomy professor wants us to buy ANOTHER book that'll cost about $75.  The problem with that is I ain't got the $75 to throw around until the beginning part of March, which will be well after our first exam.  Somehow, I ain't too worried about it.  Maybe it's because I'm trying to keep the little things from bugging me so much.  In brighter news, I got myself a new bowling ball last week and did alright with it this past Tuesday night.  A 532 with a 195 high game is good by my standards, especially considering how I've been doing the rest of the season so far.  It's only another 2+ months until NoBrand Con, so I gotta get around to pre-regestering for it pretty quickly. 

Speaking of NoBrand Con, there's a galpal of mine from Otaku Anime Club that I'm riding up to NBC with who I really like a lot.  She also happens to be a yaoi fangirl.  Call me crazy if you will, but ever since the last NoBrand Con, I always wondered what it was like to date a yaoi fangirl.  Well, I shall blog to you later!

- azumangadaioh22
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