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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Out with the old year, in with the new...
Posted Jan 1, 2006 - 5:35:12

Champagne? No. Sparkling White.So, the transition from 2005 to 2006 has almost swept the entire globe by now, and the arbitrary dating system most of the world has loosely agreed to adhere to has clicked up a notch. Derek, Vanessa, and Derek's friend Sarah ended up at my house, where we watched B movies and hung out for most of the night. The bottle of champagne was also appropriately marked with Befu's name, so she could be with us in "spirits." A horrible joke, I know - but I said I would do it, and so I did. Overall, an enjoyable experience. Erika comes into town tomorrow, so I'm a bit excited about that. It's too bad she couldn't be here for New Years Eve, but se la vi.

Well, every year I write an entry about the year that was, and the year that is coming up. 2003 and 2004 all had titles that made sense. In 2005, I was a bit confused at its launch and titled it "The Year Of Vernacitude." What does that mean? Well, at first it was just a filler nonsense world, but really instead it came to mean a year that held no specific definition. It was a year of subtle transition - no grand revelation, no apex of humanity. Crisis came, and past. Good and bad events filled the air, and a few choices of self were made that truly cleared not only what I believed - but perhaps who I am in the first place.

But all of that was already there, underneath, just waiting. A focusing of self perhaps would describe it best? Well, in any situation, the first part of this annual post must be followed by the second: What will 2006 bring?

2006 I hereby title the "Year of Action." At first, that sounds slighty comic-booky, but the meaning is justified. It is a year of moving on things I have left dormant too long. Taking action on issues that I had dared not venture into in years past. My actions may help me or hurt me - but the decisions will be made. And how whether I know it or not, some of these decisions could direct the rest of my days.

Well, I'm going to go fall asleep to Serenity as it plays on my DVD player. You can't stop the signal, but you can sure fall asleep to it when you've been up all night.
- Traegorn

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thanks for putting me there in "spirit"....

it's just sooo funny.

but now i have to go take down christmas decorations...*rolls eyes* bah.
Did you folks take any pictures besides the "Spirits" ?
Nope. Would have been fairly uninteresting too - a picture of four people sitting in chairs and a futon...

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