Support and FAQs.
What is TRHBlogs?
TRHBlogs is a free service from that allows you to maintain an online weblog.

How do I sign up for TRHBlogs?
To set up a TRHBlog, you need to have a account. You can register with here. Once you have a account, your TRHBlog is ready for you to use as well. All you have to do is go to Administer your blog to get started. Your blog URL will be listed on the top of the panel as well.

Do you offer an RSS Feed?
Yes! Every blog has an RSS Feed at where "usernumber" is your usernumber.

I already have [Website], can my TRHBlog be put there?
Yes! TRHBlogs has created an easy plugin that allows you to insert your personal blog on any website. You merely have to insert the following HTML into a webpage:
<script src=""><script>

Is there a bookmarklet so I can post to my blog without loading up the whole admin panel?
By now, you've already figured out that the answer is "Yes!" so I'll save you the time and just give you the Bookmarklet: Post to TRHBlog

I want [Feature]. When will you add it? or I have [Question] and you haven't answered it.
TRHBlogs is in Beta right now, and is far from finished. New features are being added every day. If the feature you want isn't there yet or your question hasn't been answered, first check the TRHBlogs News Blog and see if it's been discussed. If not, then feel free to suggest or ask it through the support forum, or contact the webmaster directly via private message or e-mail.

Having a problem with your blog? Can't figure out what to do?  Support is just around the corner. Our help system is still being designed, but many questions have already been answered in our News Section.  If your question isn't answered there, you still have options: For the quickest response, you can visit the support forum or send a private message to get some basic support.  If you are having login problems e-mail the webmaster for additional help.

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