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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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On Wedding Location Scouting
Posted Sep 28, 2009 - 9:29:10

South Shore Park So as the few of you who read my twitter feed know, Crysta and I went down to Milwaukee this last weekend to scout possible sites for our wedding next year. While we live in Eau Claire, both of us are originally from the Milwaukee area (her father lives in the south-western part of Milwaukee, while my parents live in Wauwatosa). Because of that we decided that Milwaukee would be the best location for the wedding.

We drove down on friday night. It was raining fairly hard when we left, but it wasn't as bad as the weather report had led me to believe. Amusingly enough, when we pulled up into my parent's driveway we surprised them as they completely forgot we were coming. Needless to say, I teased them about this all weekend.

We checked out about half a dozen spots over the course of Saturday and Sunday. We've narrowed it down to two that we like (a first choice and a second choice). One of those was actually being set up for a wedding at the time, but we got to go through the whole space. It was South Shore Park, which is actually where my friend Anna and her husband Mike got married, but we'd put our own spin on it. As you can see in the photo I've attached to this entry, it's right on Lake Michigan, and the Milwaukee skyline acts as a partial backdrop.

It's very, very cool.

There's another spot that we liked, but I forgot the camera when we drove out there. Sad, I know.

While we were in town we went out to dinner with Chris as well. Afterwards we hung out at his apartment and played an interesting tile-based game that was actually pretty fun. If I could only remember what the heck it was actually called it would be helpful... but there you go. I haven't been able to really hang out with Chris the last few times I was in Milwaukee, so it was nice to actually be able to catch up with the person who is going to be my Best Man.

After checking out more possible wedding sites on Sunday we drove back to Eau Claire... again in the rain. All in all, I would describe this as a 100% successful trip. Now we have to start making phone calls to try and make a reservation.

After that, we can finally announce a date.
- Traegorn

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It's called Rummikub.
Thanks -- that game was awesome

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