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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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There is no Cruise Control
Posted Sep 25, 2009 - 9:28:15

Back Window So, tonight, for the second time in so many weeks, Crysta and I will cram into my tiny Ford Escort, hit the road, and make the long drive down to Milwaukee. When I drove a different car, the drive didn't feel so long - but as my current vehicle (which I'm considering nicknaming "Griz" for some arbitrary reason) does not have cruise control, the experience is very, very different.

Cruise control is one of those modern luxuries a lot of people my generation take for granted. There was a point where simple things like Air Conditioning and FM Radios were additional extras, let alone cruise control, yet we've come to expect it.

Well guess what, it isn't.

I actually don't mind so much, it's just that my right leg can cramp up a bit from it after three hours of driving. I also can't shift around, which is a bit important as I'm 6'3" tall and cramming myself into a two door Ford Escort. The solutions is that we have to stop so I can stretch every hour or two, which greatly slows down the trip. What was once a three and a half to four hour drive become a four and a half hour drive.

And according to tonight's forcast, it will be a four and a half hour drive in the rain.

Tomorrow's weather doesn't look all that great either, which is frustrating. The whole reason we're driving down to Milwaukee this weekend is that Crysta and I are scouting wedding sites. We're going to be poking around various places - and apparently getting poured on at the same time.

I'm excited.

On Saturday night we're probably getting together with Chris. I haven't seen him in person that much since he got out of the Navy, so it should be fun to hang out when neither one of us has to go run off somewhere. The last time I saw him I had to get out of town, and the time before that was No Brand Con... and I think we all know exactly how busy I am at No Brand Con.

On Sunday we'll head back north to Eau Claire, and do the whole driving thing again. And according to the forecast that too shall be in the rain.

I can't wait.
- Traegorn

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So are you two gonna do a handfasting or go traditional?
Mostly traditional with some other stuff thrown in.  I live the life eclectic. :P

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