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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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A Change in Seasons
Posted Sep 30, 2009 - 9:27:45

A Tree From a Few Years Ago The temperature has dropped dramatically here in Wisconsin over the last few days. This weekend I was walking around in a T-shirt when we scouted wedding locations, but this morning I had to dig out the ice scraper to make my car drivable. I'm learning a few quirks about my car because of this, like the rear defroster only works when I hold the button down. Ah, the experience of owning a thirteen year old car.

Crysta and I turned the heat on Monday afternoon, when this all really started. This of course made us go through the annual ritual of "smell the burning dust that has built up on the heaters over the last year." Needless to say that was an annoying, but necessary process.

In truth though, this is my absolute favorite time of year. I actually really like the chilly mornings and cool afternoons. Something inside of me actually gets excited by smelling the crisp air as I step outside in the morning. It's actually a bit like my idea of heaven.

There's something comforting about actively fighting back the cold that I miss when it's warm out, and I honestly never understood people who whine about how chilly it is. These people often don't bother putting on a sweater too though, so I have to question how bright they are.

The leaves are starting to change colors too, which makes the season all the more beautiful. The Chippewa Valley is absolutely gorgeous in the fall, when the leaves start to change and the maple trees turn a brilliant flame red. There are very few places in the world I'd rather be than in this town right now, and that's the absolute truth.

When people ask why I live in Wisconsin, with how cold it gets here, I honestly get puzzled. Who wouldn't want to live in a place that has actual seasons? When Summer is dramatically different than Autumn, and Autumn is dramatically different than the bitter Winters... this is how you know you're alive. This is how you know time is passing. This is how you remain connected to the world.

I think sometimes that people need to open their eyes and appreciate what's surrounding them.
- Traegorn

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This morning I quite enjoyed the walk to the bus stop because it was cool and crisp and just smelled like fall. Once I got to the bus stop and had nothing to do but wait in the wind, it was not so nice. Pretty much the biggest problem with this time of year is the decision whether to wear a coat or just a sweater, and if gloves and a hat are necessary or will just be something else to carry.

I agree that there is just something about fall that is so refreshing. There are some things that are special to fall, like apple picking and pumpkin carving, and looking at the leaves. Fall always makes me think of Brian, because the first cutesy thing we did was give leaves to each other. I would still rather be given a perfect, beautifully colored fallen leaf than pretty much any kind of flower.
I actually keep a pair of gloves in the pockets of my jacket on the off chance it's a bit too cold. It solves most of my problems.
Yes Fall is pretty Fun. It has its thing that makes it fun. Also going out there. Fall is the Funnest Season on any Harvest Moon game too. I think Natsume likes fall as well. And yes it is good to live in a place that does have seasons. The cold weather gives me a reason to get hot chocolate.
I really do need to install a "name" field for anonymous comments
I have three sweaters with hoods and four sweatshirts with hoods, and no jackets with hoods, so I pretty much don't wear a jacket until it actually gets cold. The pockets are also smaller in those than a jacket, so carrying around extra bits of clothing can sometimes matter.
And with that I've added a new layer to Anonymous commenting... letting people add their names. :P

People with Wordpress blogs are wussies.  If I want a feature, I build it by hand. :)
The sweater comment was from me btw, I thought I was still logged in. Stupid school computer.
When I was in college many, many years ago...the president of the college, Sister Barbara, once told me that she was proud of Anya and I, due to the fact that we were two people that would actually open our eyes and notice the beauty of the campus, most of the girls there never probably noticed the trees, the animals, and the flowers around them.  Hell the campus cat, Clyde, would see us and come running and the nuns he lived with would invite us inside their home because we were Clyde's friends.  

People should take the blinders off and look around more often.  They miss out on so much.

Trae Dorn
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