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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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What weird people are looking for...
Posted Sep 12, 2008 - 12:44:10

Lookee Lookee!  Y'all are a bunch of freaks.So, I just did this last week, but I went dipping through my referral logs for the site again and found a bunch more weird and strange searches people have been using to find Besides Google logs, I looked into Yahoo results, AOL results, and a few other search engines.

If you want to review last week's article, you can find it here. I also have a few classic examples from when I used to do these posts as well, with this entry from 2002, along with this entry and its follow up from 2003.

This entry's list is a bit longer than the last one, as I dug into the logs pretty deeply. Here we go...
what the hell am i supposed to be doing with my life?
a quiet peaceful night
dehydration and joint aches
tool a scientist would use on a ship
Giant Killer Plants in Movies
comic talks about snorkeling
jesus is my boyfriend
sealy reflexion laguna beach
stupid bear
bubble wrap costume
"most appealing word"
larp rhinelander wi
list of demands from the movie airheads
steven segal daughters
XXXXL Comic book apparel
trae needs
f u
I personally really like the guy who searched for "f u." That one is awesome. I also like the idea that someone is searching for "trae needs." I have a lot of needs, and it's nice that someone out there is asking about them... even if it's just to Google or Yahoo. It's much better than the guy asking Google for personal guidance in his life. Some of the other search results make me curious though... did that guy ever find his comic about snorkeling? What is the most appealing word? Why can't people spell "Steven Seagal?" It's all a puzzle... a puzzle that I must find the answers too.

That and I just really want to know how a Laguna Beach related search ended up pointing to my website. That particular one is baffling.

Besides the strange-yet-benign searches you find above, a couple of the creepiest searches I have ever run across showed up in my logs:
"exploited teens"
girl duct taped to a chair
caught with no panties
paris hilton no panties



Seriously, those are just disturbing. How in the world would any of those lead someone to We're a fairly PG rated website, and I'm fairly certain we're lacking in any actual porn here. Seriously, if you're looking for pornographic image you've come to the wrong website. Bad website reviews, weird short films, Steven Seagal humor, Shaq Fu and essays on Witchcraft? We got you covered. Pornography? Not so much.

And now you know.
- Traegorn

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Maybe the "porn" factor is my fault...I had two men today looking for a "gimp" ball...yeah my fault
What, like a Ball Gag?
Yeah exactly..they didn't understand that..they knew it as a "gimp" ball...

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