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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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A Quick Drive (Vlog 2.25)
Posted Sep 14, 2008 - 18:15:09

So, I decided to go the simple route this week and turn the camera on while I was driving to the grocery store. The subject of the hour? The regular flyover of fighter planes with the air show, my aging in general, and how Fall is pretty much here already.
Music in this entry was, of course, a Happy Wednesday track. It's not a track that is on the Live Album or available for download in its full form sadly, but I figured what the heck. In trust, I mostly used it because it was the right length for the video.

Not a whole lot to add in notes for this particular installment that I don't already say in the video or haven't already said in this blog previously. The air show has been leading me to a constant expectation of a thunderstorm for the last week though... it's really quite amusing. And I'm not kidding about seeing fighter jets go by outside my window. Not really sure on the model, but I seriously doubt they were anything new... so my guess is old F15s or something.

Big, gray, in a formation, and flying. That's what I know.

In unrelated stuff, I've been working on a rather lengthy follow up article to my piece on the scam. I should have it up some time this week, and it will be very much worth the wait. It's probably the deepest I've dug into a site for The Craptacular Web, but I think it's definitely required in this particular case.

Very, very much so.
- Traegorn

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