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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Another Day, Another Article
Posted Sep 11, 2008 - 12:58:26

IndiaTo continue Content Glut 2008 I've posted yet another article to the website today. I know, it might be a little overload of new stuff, but I think that the site was very much due for a kick of fresh material.

Today's piece is in the General Articles section, and is titled The Drums of Hindu Nationalism. It's effectively a history of the modern nationalist Hindutva movement in India that I wrote a while ago (2005) that I felt other people might appreciate. It's a significantly less dry read than my article on Voter turnout I posted last week, so you might actually enjoy this one.

Because I know all of you are just fascinated by politics in India.

Tonight I'm going to run a "New Recruits" meeting for No Brand Con, as we had some people trying to snag freshmen at UWEC's "Blugold Organizations Bash" yesterday. Hopefully we get some new people at the meeting, because the University is sort of the lifeblood of our convention. Mind you, we actually have plenty of staffers coming to the meetings currently, so even if no one shows up we're still in good shape... but I always want to get more people involved.

As we started being completely based out of the University, and continue to have connections there, No Brand Con staffers kind of come through Generationally. Out of the "First Generation" staffers, only "Real Steve/Cecil" and I are active members still, and most of the "Second Generation" is gone too. Most of the "Third Generation" is getting close to graduation (and most people don't stick around Eau Claire after that), so we really do need to reinforce the Fourth Generation we started recruiting last year.

And yes, I really do think about things that much.

So, again, I get to run the "new recruits" meeting. Hopefully I won't end up scaring them off. It's always hard, as I've found that the easiest way to get people involved in and excited about No Brand Con is for people to experience one... but as most of the new students at the University aren't from the area, most have never been to one. Which means that we effectively teach them how to do something backwards.

It's like teaching someone Calculus before Algebra.

But we continue forward and do our best. In the end, they'll go to one and "get it" the way the rest of us do. And they'll soon fall in love with the convention that they helped make... and watching that happen to people is one of the most satisfying things you can see.
- Traegorn

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