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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Weird Searches That Will Get You Here...
Posted Nov 18, 2002 - 15:18:01

Thanks to the handy-dandy magic of CGI scripts, I have a system set up that tells me how exactly people got to this site. The primary way is through search engines like Google and Yahoo.

The problem is, thanks to the goons on the message board, and my odd language patterns, this site gets a lot of results from WEIRD ass keyword combinations. Over the last few days I've been collecting them - so I thought I'd share:

john mayer porn
photo of head shave
beat the dead horse
Raven amputee
splodey (we are the #1 hit on Google for that!)
crack babies
"my personal site" "porn"
"shave my head"
angels in pain
guy sandals
Castration Gallery

Disturbed yet? You should be.
- Traegorn

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