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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Another UnCONventional November!
Posted Oct 31, 2013 - 8:45:50

UntitledSo anyone who has been reading UnCONventional for a while knows that for the last couple of years I've done "special events" in November. During these events UnCONventional goes from twice a week to five updates a week, and pre-Chapter Four it would switch to color for the month (although that is significantly less impressive now that the strip is always in color).

Well, this year is no different, as we start out the new storyline "The Election" starting Friday.

Well, really it starts Monday, but Friday will have a single panel go up to begin this year's event. "The Election" is going to follow the events of the few weeks after Bork Con 2013 as the convention chooses new leadership. I covered some of that ground way back in Chapter One's not-special November storyline, but Chapters Two and Three sort of glossed over that bit of con running.

So, y'know, it should be pretty fun.

Now the other two events, "I Hate November" and "In the Beginning," were very different from each other - the former being fairly serious while the latter being more humorous. Where will "The Election" end up falling? Likely close to the latter. I'm not against doing another serious storyline, but I honestly would need the opportunity. I originally thought of saving the Max/Tara breakup for November for that purpose, but it felt more organic in it's final placement.

Also, can you imagine how melodramatic that would have ended up? Yikes.

So I hope you enjoy this year's special event. Lord knows I won't, as I drive myself insane drawing that many extra comics in the same month that I have a convention, a major holiday, and my day job gets busier.

As I am, apparently, a glutton for punishment.

- Traegorn

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I'm excited now. I remember asking you last year at Daisho if you hade next Novembers plot in mind and you said yes. I wasn't pushing for any hints but I was excited. I can see this being a mix of humor and seriousness. But then again I hate November had some funny moment too.

I hope hope the new Con Directer is elected hilarious like as if someone like Awesome Roy gets the position or maybe Scrappy.

Trae Dorn
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