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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The return of Strange Searches 2013
Posted Nov 6, 2013 - 17:03:56

A decade ago I used to make blog posts featuring the strange search terms people plugged into Google and other search engines that lead them to my site. I last did one of these in 2010 (?), so I thought it was high time I do another. As I find them hilarious.

So let's dig into my "referer" logs for the last three months and find what odd stuff people looked for that sent them to my (rather innocent website). Let's break this down by category though - starting with just general eyebrow raising search terms:
demonbuster internet porn
project life corn maze
meatloaf recipe for 16 oz ground beef
michelle menting poetry
americanization Anime ridiculos example
hurricane jokes
uwec student arrested
paul's christian indoctrination
flannery o connor imitation

That list is pretty mundane (although I'm curious about that demonbuster one -- the only demonbuster I've ever been familiar with was a kooky evangelical Christian conspiracy website). Some of them are fairly ordinary, but clicking on my website won't be very helpful for them.

Of course, then there are the weird questions people seem to ask Google:
is glenn danzig thinking about retiring
what was the music cd that came with shaq fu
how to make giant headphones
is it bad if a girl says pussy
what does chuchu train mean in sex language
how to start convention with girl

What I love about that last item is that I'm not sure if the person mistyped "conversation" or if they really were trying to use starting a convention as an elaborate way of asking someone out. I prefer to think it's the latter, because that's the option that makes life more exciting.

Also, what exactly is "sex language" anyway?

Next up we have the "confirmations." These are things people searched the internet for not beccause they didn't know the answer, but because they wanted to find someone who agrees with them:
wiccan rede is stupid
because i am awesome
the doors are the greatest american rock band

Finally, we come to the last couple phrases, which I refer to as "left field" terms. These are things I look at and find myself to comprehend. There are only two of them:
orange words

Frankly, I have no idea what a "prinephile" is. Is that sex language for something?
- Traegorn

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the meatloaf one maybe my fault.
I know for a face it's your fault. But it's still funny.

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