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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Guess Who Just Got An iPad 2?
Posted Mar 29, 2011 - 11:18:42

iPad 2So, like many geeks out there, I've been trying to hunt down an iPad 2. The scalpers have swept up a lot of them, of course, but as I live in a town where there is no Apple Store, constantly checking Target, Best Buy, the AT&T and the Verizon stores... just gets tiring. So when Macrumors broke the news yesterday that 500 select Radio Shacks across the country would get iPad's today, I got excited. Thanks to a leaked page, I was able to find out which stores would get iPad's today - and one of them (out of four in Indiana) was in Lafayette.

But the store didn't open until 10:00am, and I work at 9:30AM.

So I hatched a plan. It takes ten minutes to drive to the local Radio Shack, ten minutes to drive back, and that would give me ten minutes at the store. What I would do is take a lunch just barely into my shift, buy the iPad, and then just work a very long day without interruption. The only real hitch was that I had a meeting at 10:15AM... which meant I'd only have five minutes at the store.

But I figured, if I didn't try I'd regret it...

So, at 9:45AM I clocked my lunch start, ran to my car, and drove across town. Fortunately, the rumors about the Radio Shack shipment didn't spread too far, so only one other guy was there to buy one. As Radio Shack only got about six or so units in though, if I had waited until later they still would have been sold out.

I wanted a 3G unit, in black, and was just going to pick up the 16 gig version - but they only had the 32 gig version of the AT&T 3G in stock. As Crysta had already given me permission to go to that level if that's all they had (as it's, y'know, her money too), I just went ahead and got it.

After buying it, I drove like a madman back home so I could clock back into work (I telecommute) within my 30 minute "lunch" break. I ran from the car into my apartment... and made it with one minute to spare.

So yes, victory is mine -- and I now possess an iPad 2. Woot.
- Traegorn

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Mmm, shiny geek toys.  You'll have to let us know what you think of it.
So far I am loving it. My planned use for this is to replace 50% of what my old MacBook was doing (the other fifty percent will be covered by an iMac I won't be buying until they refresh the line)

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