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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Ending UnCONventional.
Posted Apr 1, 2011 - 11:33:01

UnCONventionalIt's a sad day, but with much regret, I am being forced to announce the end of my ongoing, twice weekly comic UnCONventional. I know this comes just on the heels of the announcement of the first print collection, but recent circumstances are forcing me to take this action.

Two days ago, I received a letter from the lawyers of a convention named "Shiitake Con." This was shocking to me, as I was unaware that a real convention existed with that name. Some may remember that I've used that name within the strip for what I intended to be a fictional "disaster" convention. Said organization claimed that certain elements of my "No Shiitake" storyline this year were clearly in reference to their canceled 2009 event (which I was again, unaware of). They also claim that I have repeatedly defamed their convention, and several attendees canceled their 2011 preregistrations directly citing UnCONventional in their reasons for doing so.

I have spoken to an attorney, and unfortunately, due to the high number of similarities involved between my fictional convention and their real one (combined with my knowledge of conventions), we believe that a judge is highly unlikely to believe me that it was merely a coincidence.

I'm not a rich person, and even paying legal fees would bankrupt Crysta and myself. I, frankly, cannot afford to fight a lengthy libel lawsuit. They claim I've substantially hurt their business and image. They say their attendance for their 2011 event dropped by 20% because of what I wrote. They're angry...

...and possibly right, it looks. Fear of ongoing litigation strikes...

...and UnCONventional must end. In the next week, I'll be removing the site from the internet. I hope you can forgive me. This is an important date on your calendar. It is the day I back down. I hate bowing down to pressure from others, but I fear that fighting might make me look foolish.

And so we must move on.
- Traegorn

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But wait 'til it gets brought back as "UnCONventional Babies" and Shitakecon gets replaced with some other convention!
Seriously, they don't even have a website.
The first thing that pops on Google when you type in "Shiitake Con" is UnCONventional.

Maybe they should stop being a shitty con and get on the Internet. As far as anything is concerned, they don't exist.
Yeah, I think they do -- but they were apparently delisted from google last week when they got hacked. Their site is fixed, but it's not appearing in results again yet

How high my site comes up in results for their name is part of the problem apparently too.
First BUCK-TICK breaks up now this, crap damn this is the worst April 1st ever!!
I don't know why you thought there wouldn't be an annual convention for mushroom anime. I loved going to Shiitake Con to get my fix of Porto the Bello shojo manga, and it was ruined by UnCONventional.
Epic Sad Face
Wait this is posted on April 1st. SHit how dod I fall for this?
The biggest clue is: "...and possibly right, it looks. Fear of ongoing litigation strikes..."

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