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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The first UnCONventional book for sale!
Posted Mar 25, 2011 - 15:56:13

UnCONventional Book OneSo after hours of editing and two proofs printed, I'm proud to announce the release of the first UnCONventional book. It collects the first year of UnCONventional, and gives it to you in handy, trade-paperback sized print form. I'm printing it through Createspace, and next week it should appear on Amazon proper. The price is set simply at ten bucks.

As I stated in my earlier blog entry, this is a bare bones release. I wanted to have this out back in January, but didn't get a chance to get to it until now. Because of that, there isn't any bonus content in this book. The print quality of the strips has been sacrificed mildly as well, as rerendering every strip was something I wasn't going to be able to do.

But I really think you'll be happy with the release if you're a fan of the comic.

Hopefully when I release the second book I'll be able to include more supplementary materials inside. It's funny - I've ended up spending so much time on small parts of the expanded world for the comic online, that I didn't have time to do the same for the book. Maybe the "Chapter Two" book will have some rudimentary Eau De Puanteur materials... maybe a Clearwater University campus map or something.

That would allow me to make some nice jokes on building names at least.

It's really odd to hold a physical copy of my work in my hands. There's something wonderfully tactile about printed pages which I just love. I chose Createspace over Lulu for this printing for two reasons: Distribution on Amazon and how much shipping costs when I've done other projects via Lulu. The Happy Wednesday live CD we put out years ago used Lulu, and shipping costs ended up costing the same as the CD. I hope to avoid that problem this time around.

So there you go - I beg you to buy my crudely drawn book and contribute to my silly little hobby.
- Traegorn

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Well you know I'm going to buy one...I just need to know are you selling them at NBC or do I have to buy one online?
I don't know if I'll have any at No Brand honestly -- as I decided not to get a table there (as I figure it's my vacation, really).

I was considering getting an artist alley table at Geek.kon, so I may bring some there.
Well then I'll probably have to order one, and use it for cosplay reference photos.  I won't be at Geek.kon, I need to save $$ to go back to Japan.

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