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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Yogurt and the UnCONventional Book
Posted Mar 14, 2011 - 11:27:07

CIMG0150.jpgThere's something so simple, so wonderful about Dannon Fruit at the Bottom Yogurt. I think it's because I have vivid memories of eating it as a child. It reminds me of the early parts of my childhood - the stress free, simple times of being a little kid.

When ever I eat a simple cup of the stuff, I instantly relax. I'm brought back to that place emotionally, of sitting at my grandmother's kitchen table, eating a cup of yogurt.

Memory is simply an amazing, wonderful thing.

I spent a good this weekend working on the UnCONventional "Chapter One" Book. It's just a collection of the first year of the comic strip, and I'm not really going to toss in any bonus materials beyond the occasional note. It'll be a softcover, trade paperback, and I'm planning on pricing it at $10.

Why no extra materials? Honestly, it's because I've delayed putting out the book for so long that it's either put out a barebones version or end up not getting the book out until after Chapter Two is finished online. When I release the Chapter Two book next year I'll likely put some nice bonus materials in there to balance it out.

Really, I hope to have the Chapter One book available for purchase by No Brand Con, but that really depends on whether or not I have to re-render the strips. The versions I'm proofing are at a DPI that might be iffy, but I'd rather not have to reconstruct so many comics (as artwork occasionally gets reused). I have all the raw artwork all archived at higher DPI, so it's not like I can't redo the whole thing.

...but I don't want to rebuild the 102 different strips by hand unless I have to.

The odd thing about going through so many comics again is that I remember quite clearly when I first drew them. Half of them were done while I was living in Eau Claire. There's a batch which were done in a hurry so I could build a buffer while I was moving and getting married. It's honestly a bizarre, wonderful experience revisiting the past...

Again, memory is an amazing, wonderful thing.
- Traegorn

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Do you plan to put your filler strips in too?
No - they interrupt a scene, and the first of the two is kind of useless.

I might include them in the second book, but they aren't going in this first one.

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