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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Info on the Forthcoming Beacon of Awesome (My CD)
Posted Aug 15, 2007 - 12:09:04

So, as some of you may remember, I've been slowly assembling an album this summer. Right now, you guys seem to be in favor of my calling it "This Side of Awful," with "Happy Wednesday" (which is what I'm calling this project in general - as I've always been in favor of that as one of the best band names I could think of). The album is a bit schizophrenic, as it's a combination of comical songs and my bizarre techno. I will release the entire album for free online in MP3 form, but also sell CD copies through this website. Right now, this is the proposed track listing (including links to already finished tracks):
  1. Just Priceless
  2. Restorative
  3. Percussive
  4. The Davnesaur Polka*
  5. Cyborg Alien Girl
  6. An Experiment
  7. Don't Leave Dead Birds Hanging From a Tree
  8. The Song We Wrote Last Night (Das Ninja Turtles)*
  9. Loud Guy on a Train (Happy Wednesday Remix) ft. 1337Band**
* - Cover of the To Slay Zombie Newton track
** - Cover of the 1337Band track, featuring vocals by Vinnk of 1337Band

The CD version, as incentive, will include a (terrible) hidden track which isn't online (although many people have heard it already) called "The Worst Rock Song Ever." It is very well titled, as I was purposefully recording the Worst Rock Song I could possibly think of. I may also put that stupid remix "The Song We Broke Last Night" (as featured in my last vlog) as a non-exclusive hidden track, but I'd want to get permission first.

The album version of "Don't Leave Dead Birds Hanging From a Tree" is going to be a slightly different arrangement than the version in the "Music" section of I promise that it will be a better version than that one - seriously. It's an old Dead Ham(p)ster Tuesday track, and I think it deserves to be given it's due with a decent recording.

"Cyborg Alien Girl" is a song I wrote years ago for Dead Ham(p)ster Tuesday as well, but I don't think anyone has ever heard it performed before. I may rewrite half the lyrics before I'm ready though. It's a 50's pop tune about a boy who falls in love with a killer robot from outer space. It involves my favorite rhyme ever, where I couple "I'll never fail ya" with "discernible genetailia." That's right, this album is all class.

The To Slay Zombie Newton covers have been floating around a while, and I'm sure that you guys have heard them before (if not, give them a listen now for pete's sake). The 1337Band cover is more of a Dance Remix. I redid all the instrumentation for it, but the vocal performance is still Vinnk's original performance. I will mention that small parts of that song were edited out (including the obvious bleeping of a particular word... which actually makes it sound like he said something a little more offensive than what he actually did say), but I think fans of the original will embrace my dance-able version. It totally needs to get played at the NoBrandCon dance this year too.

It's a bit odd to be referring to myself as "Happy Wednesday" as I'm currently the only member of my "Band" - but I'm forcing Matt Biedermann to be a member of it, even though he won't appear on the album at all. I know it may seem odd (as well) to have the random dance tracks mixed in with the rest as well, but I think you guys can handle it. I mean, right now the working title is "This Side of Awful." You can't take any of it too seriously.

Right now the second track, "Restorative," is my favorite off of this forthcoming disc. I recommend that everyone listen to it, and take it's advice to heart. With the exception of the drums, the instrumentation was created using my own voice as well... which may or may not be a good thing.


Feedback on the existing tracks would be helpful though, as I'd like to know what people think about what I've done. After I finish with the remaining songs, I'll preview some album artwork. The ETA on the finished product is right now some time in September, but that may change based on how much spare time I have.

I'll keep you guys updated.
- Traegorn

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How weird is this?  Not long after I finished up a recording of a cover to a 1337band song (a different one), I saw you post the Loud Guy on a Train remixes on Facebook.

Ugh, and Zac wants me to get that "live" video from last weekend online...
Which song did you cover?

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