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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Transient Nature (42nd Vlog)
Posted Aug 11, 2007 - 18:38:00

I've been hopping around the state so much these last few weeks that I barely know where the heck I am most of the time. Seriously, this whole thing can disconcerting.
Music in this entry comes from the classically awesome, yet sadly now defunct, To Slay Zombie Newton. Of course, we start out with their opening strains from "The Song We Wrote Last Night," and the "Generic Driving Scene" features the opening to "Ecstasy," and then I finish the vlog with a bizarre remix of TSWWLN which I refer to as "The Song We Broke Last Night." It's a terrifying remix, but if you really want, you can download the mp3 of it. I wouldn't if I were you though.

I keep giving away MP3s with these entries... that amuses me. That track won't be on my album - don't worry... but that also means that if you want that song for some odd reason, you'll only get that MP3 of it.

Speaking of which, I still haven't done my update on that. I had been planning to do so on Wednesday, but then I went and drove to Eau Claire after working most the day. I'll try to get some information up about it sometime this week. I did work a little on a new track this morning, so it's probably 50% done right now.

Which is not bad for a spare time project. Right now the winning name seems to be "This Side of Awful" which I think is fantastic. That's the one I'm rooting for too.

Today has been one of manual labor. I mowed the lawn this morning (as mentioned in the vlog) and for a little while now, I've been helping my parents unload stuff out of their garage - moving valuable things indoors, less valuable things outdoors, and chucking crap we don't need and that no one would want.

The reason they're doing this? Well, on Tuesday the garage is being torn down. My parents have needed to replace their garage for the better part of a decade - and they're finally getting around to it. The old garage needs to die -- it's just the way things work out.

It's only mostly a pain because we have to find places for all of the stuff we store out there. Honestly, we have too much stuff.

Waaaaaaaaay too much stuff.
- Traegorn

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