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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The Northwoods (41st Vlog)
Posted Aug 5, 2007 - 15:58:11

I spent the last two weeks in the Wisconsin Northwoods, forsaking most modern conveniences to spend time with my family (my parents, my younger brother, and my older sister). I (of course) brought along my camera and documented a bit of it.

Music in this entry comes from two sources. Of course, one of them is the opening by To Slay Zombie Newton, may they one day have a reunion show, and the other is an original piece of music that I mixed together the other day while I was killing time. You can download the MP3 of the song if you really want to.

I've been experimenting with mixing and remixing music more and more these last few weeks, and have come up with a few random tracks. I'm thinking that I'll have to revamp the music section of the website to support the content better when I have the chance. I considered putting all of the tracks in this entry, but I think I'll do a regular blog entry dedicated to some of these tracks so more people can see them.

Sure, some of them are just a bit this side of awful, but people might like a few of them. Eventually, I think I'm going to release a CD on something just like Cafepress for the heck of it.

I really do love the Northwoods though - I mean, it's my number one favorite place in the world, and I'm so amazed every year that we get all three of us Dorn siblings together. I know that we may not always be able to keep doing this, but every year that we can makes me happy.

It's weird going without the internet for a few weeks. Yeah, I admit it, I checked my e-mail almost every day, but I didn't really spend any time on the web, as I was usually in a car parked at the Home Depot (next to the Comfort Inn - whose WiFi I was stealing) in 90 degree weather... and I didn't really want to sit out there. It makes me realize what I do and don't feel like I need to be looking at on the internet.

It resets my priorities.

But, needless to say, I'm back, and the site is back to being updated.
- Traegorn

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I'm sure you were quite glad to see Crysta on the trip. We all know how you love the outdoors.
Har dee har har :P
Ah, yes. The Northwoods. AKA "Where I have lived all my life." I kind of take it for granted sometimes - y'know, seeing deer in my front yard, having nothing but lakes and woods around me, watching out for bears (and cougars) on my 6AM bike rides...but anyhoo, without getting too sappy I'd just like to say that your video made me re-realize (dunno if that's a word, but whatever) that while it can be a pain to be so far away from civilization, on the whole it's a pretty nice place.
Wait -- since when did we get Cougars in Wisconsin?

Trae Dorn
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