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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Unedited Advice (40th Vlog)
Posted July 21, 2007 - 13:07:26

This is my quick list of rules you may want to live by. I was in a hurry to get packed (I'm going on a trip for a few weeks) so I recorded this week's vlog raw, without editing, without music, without jump cuts.
Music in this vlog? Absolutely none besides my singing. That's right, an entire vlog without a single note by To Slay Zombie Newton. Oh sure, I sing the notes from the opening to The Song We Wrote Last Night that I usually open my vlogs with, but that barely counts. As, y'know, it's me -- singing.

The reason I did this one unedited is because it's time for my annual sojourn to the Northwoods for a bit, and I have to get packed - meaning the extensive time I usually spend editing and filming silly jump cuts wasn't really available to me. So, instead, you get me trying to be as fast paced as I can (to match my usual timing) without editing. The reason I don't make a lot of eye contact with the screen in this one is because the entry is actually prescripted (unlike usual) as I didn't want to fill it with "ums" and "uhs" (which I try my best to edit out of the normal entries these days).

So yeah, Trae is entering the almost-wilderness again. I'll try and post some updates throughout the week, but I wouldn't hold your breath on it if I were you. There will probably be a new vlog next week, although I can't promise it will be on time. I tend to go without internet the entire time I'm there (I mean, why not? It's nice to get away from the connected world sometimes).


So yeah, tell me what you think.

And stuff.

Cripes do I need to get back to packing...

Also, I'm grabbing Crysta halfway though my vacation and she's spending a few days in the Northwoods too - that should also be pretty neat...

...very, very neat in fact.
- Traegorn

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I can't help but think some of that was inspired by me.
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