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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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I've been way too quiet lately.
Posted June 28, 2007 - 14:59:10

Roof The rule of thumb of this blog had been, at least for a while, that I would update three times a week. Then it turned into twice a week, with one entry being a vlog and the other being a text entry. Then it turned into just the vlog posts.

I need to fix this.

Some of you noticed I took last weekend off in vlogging. I just needed to take a break. I've been producing vlogs regularly for the last 34 weeks or so (week one had three vlogs, as I was still experimenting with things back then) and it's mildly taken over my weekends. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love doing them - but I figure taking a one week hiatus was in order. It's very strange how those have taken off in popularity beyond the audience. I mean, I have over 470 subscribers over on - which is sort of like YouTube meets MySpace meets Something actually worth using. But honestly, those people are just a bonus audience, and not my primary concern. You guys are.

I know I haven't publicly talked a lot about my job situation in this space. This is, oddly enough, totally on purpose. With the exception of my employment with University Housing for the last few years, I've never stated what company I've worked for until after I've left it (look at those years of Best Buy posts at which I constantly complained about retail life but never mentioned the "Major Electronics Retailer" I'd been working for by name). The only reason I felt comfortable mentioning where I worked when I was the Judicial Board Chairperson was because I legally couldn't talk about most of the actual work anyway. But for those of you curious about what's going on, you can read about it in my post to's private area The Lounge.

If you don't have access to The Lounge, make sure you've registered at and then shoot me a PM requesting access. In the long run, you'll probably see a bit more public information, but for now you'll need membership at my site to know about that part of my life.

This weekend I'm going up to Eau Claire on Friday to see Crysta. On Saturday we're driving into the Twin Cities to go to Matthew and Andrea's wedding, at which I expect to see quite a few friends I haven't seen for over a month. We'll drive back to Eau Claire after the reception, and I'll head back to Milwaukee on Sunday, as I assume I'll want to, y'know, NOT drive five hours after the wedding. So yes, I'll be around Zombie house on Friday and Sunday during the day if you want to stop by and say hello.

As I haven't seen Crysta for three weeks though, I probably won't be uber-social.

I'm still incredibly excited about the Transformers movie premiere on Monday. I still haven't found anyone to go with yet to see it at Mayfair, so I may try and join Kellin at the Ultrascreen. I think I'll try and make my decision before I leave town for Eau Claire tomorrow. In either case, I'm going to see it on Monday... matter the cost.

On a totally unrelated note, I'm considering having feature bloggers besides me on the front page of the site equally with my own. I know I've thrown out the idea before about a year ago, but no one really seemed to want to bite. So I'm bringing it up again. I want to feature content on this site beyond my own work, so it can grow in the long term. So please, if you're willing to contribute text, video, whatever - I'd be more than willing to bring you on. My only requirement is that you produce at least one update a week.

Pitch me your idea.

I may start finally producing the "News of the World" segments that I came up with a while ago too. I think that I can pull off a one minute a week video, really. I already do a five minute video segment every week already.

- Traegorn

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The News of the World segments would be so great. I think that's my favorite thing you've done so far.
I have to start writing scripts I guess.  Time for me to mock world leaders. :P
Hmmm... heading to EC this weekend as well. I might pass you on 94 tomorrow (or vice versa).
I shall be in my Mighty Late-90s Saturn. :P


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