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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The Whites' Wedding (37th Vlog)
Posted July 2, 2007 - 21:27:36

I have returned from my brief hiatus from video blogs. This weekend I went to the Twin Cities to go to my friend's wedding. Hijinks ensue.
Music in this entry come from my two favorite defunct bands, nerd rock gods To Slay Zombie Newton and my brother's former punk compatriots Two Minute Drill. I tried to go for music that hasn't been in my vlog before with this entry, and I think I've been fairly successful in doing so. And yes, before you ask, that is a few seconds of Two Minute Drill covering the Punch Out theme.

One thing I did pick up in Eau Claire which I didn't intend to is Crysta's cold. I've spent all day not moving, with a splitting sinus headache. Seriously, this is very much not fun. I was originally going to try and go out tonight and go to the Transformers premiere, but have instead decided to wait until tomorrow when I might feel better.

That's right, I'm so sick that I've decided to skip the Transformers premiere.

The good news is that I found some Sudafed (well, Wal-phed, but close enough) and am fairing slightly better. Not by much, but at least my nose isn't running anymore. I seriously am anti-runny-nose.

It was nice though to spend the weekend with Crysta. Long distance sucks, boys and girls.

It really, really does.

The Wedding itself was pretty interesting, and the food at the reception was brilliant. I thought it a bit odd not to have dancing at the reception, but that's just me. And I do love dancing. Crysta and I danced around her room in her house when we got back to Eau Claire.

And again, going back to Milwaukee afterwards sucks.
- Traegorn

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Boo long distance! Booooooooooooooooo!
Totally boo.
Man, there's an awful lot of me embarassing myself in this entry. Although I suppose I spend a lot of time embarassing myself in my day to day life, so that's not really surprising.

I can empathasize with the difficulties of long-distance relationships. It's really hard for me every time Moriah leaves when she's visiting me or vice versa. In the end though, I'd argue it's worth going through the being apart to make it work.

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