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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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My Inner Transformers Fan is Returning
Posted June 20, 2007 - 19:15:23

So, anyone whose talked to me in the past few weeks knows that I'm incredibly excited about the upcoming Live Action Transformers movie. It's the first time we've had we've had a Transformers franchise installment with adult fans in mind since Beast Machines ended. I'm not complaining about the direction Hasbro took the franchise - as it made sense financially for them - but I am incredibly excited that I get to partake in the series again. Just judging from the movie clip from the Tonight Show, it looks like it will have a good sense of humor too.

One of the things that's been floating around the great internets is a cover of the classic Lion movie theme by the band Black Lab (with all the Unicron references replaced with Megatron), to which they also edited together scenes from the movie to create an unofficial trailer. It's too bad it won't be on the official soundtrack, but it's worth a watch:
Again, compare that to the original theme by Lion, and it just feels right. I've been listening to both versions of the classic movie theme, and I'm finding myself in a very strange fanboy state I haven't been in for years.

For those of you who recall talking to me about Transformers back in 2000 or so, you may remember my infrequently mentioned "Lost Episodes" project I did with Sean "The Orange" Corse (which I will NOT link you to). For some reason, in the middle of the night not that long ago, I was inspired (as I found it humorous) to take the Mr. Bamt (seen here in his original form, here at his death, and here and here at his resurrection) and redesign him in the Movie Style. And yes, he still has his glasses. Mr. Bamt, for those of you who don't know, is based off of a guy who has now actually registered here. When he was younger, he was just your normal message board troll - but Sean and I decided to base a character off of his bizarre persona. The redesign of Mr. Bamt was mostly based off of the "Action Master" version I did near the end of the Lost Episodes, but I lifted some elements from his first design (the light for a mouth for instance).

Oh, yeah, and we have T-Shirts of the Old Bamt. Should I make a T-shirt of the new one? Oh, and for those of you curious, I do have the plot outline for the never written last few episodes sitting around here somewhere. I know Sean had been working on his own versions, but as I haven't read his installments, I can't tell you if they match what I had originally planned on doing. I'm never going to write that story, because I find I'd rather be doing something original, but I know we kind of left the plot unresolved. A lot more people die in my version than in the show I should mention.

Like most of them. Especially Cheetor.

Probably would have been painful for him too.

On a final note, if you're on Facebook, and haven't joined 'Til All Are One, you should do that too. Because it's where it's at, y'know?

Man, am I a geek. At least I haven't started buying the toys again...

- Traegorn

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Oh god.  You SHOULD read them.

Because, you know... then you'd know.

I totally used any discussed notes too, so I imagine it's close.  Or not.  Hard to tell.  It was like three years ago.


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