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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Election Results: Bittersweet
Posted Nov 8, 2006 - 12:42:29

Dear Midterm Voters,

I honestly don't know where to begin. You've managed to cause me to both hate and love you at the same time. But I have a question, were you totally drunk when you entered the election booth? Were you on drugs at the time? Please tell me you were, because I really want to be able to forgive you.

I mean, what. the hell. were you. thinking. Voting to ban Civil Unions in Wisconsin? Are you stupid? Your vote for the ban doesn't "protect marriage" (as gay marriage was already illegal in this state), but you have instead managed to help throw some of the most bigoted, disgusting garbage into our state constitution. Good job jackasses.

On the other hand, you did help us retake the State Senate - sending long term incumbents like Ron Brown and Dave Zien packing, and sending flash in the pan nutjobs like Tom Reynolds to go back to self publishing their newsletters. And we made some really good progress of taking back the assembly.

Oh heck, if you look at America as a whole... we took back the Motherf***ing House of Representatives. We kicked the Republican's ass. Not to mention, that depending on the race in Virginia (which is too close to call at the time that I'm writing this) we've either split the Senate or taken it back entirely.

We. Took. Congress. Back. It took twelve years, but we took it back.

Holy crap. I had forgotten what winning felt like.

Of course, then you had to go and f*** it up. I won't bother telling you how disappointed I am with your choices with the non-binding Death Penalty vote, because it was non-binding, but this vote on the ban is not acceptable. It is going to take a lot of work to fix this. And of course, you know you've screwed this up because once we get rid of the ban, it isn't going to stop there. Then I'm coming for all of it. See, before I would have been okay with just a Civil Union, but now you've gone and done this and Trae is angry. You've now made it my goal to see that Gay Marriage is legal in this state.

Full. Blown. Marriage.

Your church doesn't have to accept it. Just like they can refuse to marry any straight couple, and they don't have to let gay people get married in their church. But I swear, I will not rest until the full legal benefits of Marriage are available to same sex couples. We will teach you to understand that the legal definition of the word and what your personal definition are don't have to be the same. We will teach you to understand that this sort of thing doesn't ask you to change your morality.

Not to mention, you think I'm mad, wait until you see the homosexual community's reaction. I'm just a straight guy with principles - this is their lives. And I bet you anything they're even more pissed than I am.

So, I expect an apology on my desk in the morning, but you aren't fired yet. You saved yourself with the legislature and governors' races, but only just barely. One more screw up though, and don't expect me to be Mr. Nice Guy.

Because you just killed Mr. Nice Guy.

-Trae Dorn
Angry Citizen

- Traegorn

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Thank you so much.  I've been so upset over this ban, I don't understand what people are thinking.  You at least made me laugh at it.  Thanks.
I wholeheartedly agree with your blog entry.  Those who passed the marriage ban and the death penalty advisory referendum need to be dutifully knocked upside the head with a 2x4.  From what I saw in a College Democrats e-mail the other day(I signed up for their e-mail list), there are (supposedly) lawyers already hard at work, ready to strike the ban down.  I hope like heck they do. 

Like you, I was kosher with things the way they were BEFORE the ban was voted in.  Now I too want to see Wisconsin become the next Massachusetts and leaglize same-sex marriages. 

Trae Dorn
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