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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Clearing out the Backlog
Posted Nov 10, 2006 - 17:46:49

SnowSo, as today is a beautiful snowy day, and I got lots of stuff done I thought "Gee, I could blog about this..." but guess what? I decided not to. Why is this? Because guys, it's snow. And you've all written about it. So, yeah - I've given you a picture of it. It is really cool - but I just talk about it every year... so this year, I'm saying "Hooray Snow" and moving on.

Anywho, what I will be covering in this installment is the backlog of stuff that I keep meaning to post but never get around to. See, every once and a while I find something and say "Gee, that would be really fun to share." Then, something else happens and I never end up posting about it. So, I figured I'd just write this post and finally share.

Some of these are literally years old, while one is actually just a week or so old. But, rather than gab more about that, I should just start sharing.

1. 10 Rules of a Steven Seagal Movie
So, I ran across this while building my infamous Steven Seagal Movie Generator. Probably the oldest link on this list, I still find it hilarious. To quote the article:
5. He WILL slap something out of someone's hand

Whether it's a gun, knife or even a missile launcher Seagal will pull his ultimate offensive weapon out: The Slap. Probably the best example of this technique is displayed in Under Siege 2 when he slaps the knife out of the villain's hand using the dreaded "Clap Slap". I guess you have to see it to understand.

Oh, one of the funniest headlines I ever read on was when Exit Wounds debuted at number one at the box office. The headline was; Seagal Slaps Money Out of Moviegoers Hands.
Yeah, that's some good stuff.

2. Drivey Demo
This is a demo of a game that will likely never be finished... but it's actually really fun to just screw around with. It's an attempt to create a driving simulator that isn't photo-realistic, and instead artistic in it's design. I actually have found myself just screwing around with the demo for hours.

3. A Quest for Glory
So, The Escapist put out this article a REALLY long time ago, but it still makes me giggle - so I'm posting it. From the article:
The distinguishing feature of such behaviors is we don't stop to question them until they're starkly pointed out. We accept them, unconsciously suspending our disbelief, only noticing when some smart-ass comes along and says, "Why is it when men disguise themselves as women, they suddenly gain super-strength?" So tell me, why is it in every RPG I've ever played, complete strangers are perfectly happy to walk up to me and entrust their very most intimate and important needs to my charge?
The idea is that they went out and presented a quest to total strangers on the street. It really is hilarious...

4. Retro Rip-Offs put this up back in January, but it's equally relevant today... just because it's about stuff that happened long before then. Anyway, it's about various video game rip-offs that have happened in the early days of the medium.
So it is not in this article that you will find references to the Congo Bongos and the Bubsy 3Ds of the world. No, this is about serious plagiarism, the sort of copyright-infringement stuff that makes the lawyers come running. Half of these games spawned court cases; the other half by all rights should have. (And although these two themes intersect quite a bit, neither is this an article on game-related legislation: that one can be found elsewhere.)
Definitely worth a read.

5. The Worst of Web 2.0 Awards
This is only about a week old or so, so I really haven't delayed sharing it all that much. It says Web 2.0, but really it's about what's wrong with so many different people's MySpace pages and Facebook profiles and groups. It lists particular offenders, and is actually quite amusing:
Ahh, the dipsticks who list their political views as "very conservative" and their favourite music as Rage Against the Machine and Green Day. Ha-bloody-ha. Scott is also a member of the Facebook group "Proud Wazzu Republicans" and "Bush won... So Move On." He also supports two heavily Republican political candidates. Listen to the lyrics, y'idiots.
So yeah, that made me giggle.

Ah well, back to real life...
- Traegorn

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