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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Vos es alius, tamen ego sum etiam hic.
Posted June 23, 2006 - 20:21:26

WireThe title of this post is a line from a song translated into latin - ironically, while the song it's from relates to my mood, the specific phrase I chose has nothing to do with anything other then the fact that it is the easiest line for me to translate.

Been feeling rather pensive today... the circumstances surrounding my mood won't be detailed, I really have no need to angst out in front of the whole world (BEWARE THE ANGST! Ooooh!) as I find that, frankly, way to whiny. So yes, in this case vanity prevails.

What hasn't helped though is the general atmosphere of stress that is permeating my parent's house today. Some of my parents friends from college are coming over tomorrow, and my mother has been stressing out about getting the house clean. She's also frustrated that about half the people who were supposed to come cancelled on her, and all in all it's not really pleasant to be staying here right now.

I don't understand why she builds up such stress about these sorts of things. I think it has to do with the way she was raised, where you always had to make everything perfect for company. And while I agree, you should clean up for company, I think she puts significant pressure on herself about it. And it just makes her miserable... Such is life.

I cleaned my room, which effectively doubled the amount of usable space in here. I now have a desk again, or at least the semblance of one, and no longer have my computer perched on a chair. This allows me to now have a whole two comfy chairs in my room - which makes me happy. The funny thing is, that even though I've freed up all this space in my room, other than the desk opening up - I really don't use most of the other space.

It just makes the space look nicer, but I guess that's a good thing.

I'm probably going out Saturday night, just to escape the house while it's full of people. As they're arriving in the morning to early afternoon, things will get crowded - and I'll definitely be wanting an escape by the evening.

Most definitely.

I'm going to go find myself some dinner now, and then likely clean the bathroom.

- Traegorn

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I feel your pain!  I was out helping my sister sell Seroogy bars for that trip to the bowling torunament in Florida she's partaking in today, and man was it frustrating!  We actually did very well the first two hours, but after that, we were lucky to get anybody to even acknowledge our presence, much less buy candy bars. 

 It didn't help either that the group selling brats just a little ways from us were being uncomfortably open about banning same-sex marriages, but I won't comment any further on that.  In a nutshell, I had just a frustrating day as you and I'll be going out to dinner with a galpal of mine to let off the stress.  Enjoy yourself!

Trae Dorn
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