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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Ten Years of TRHOnline, and the Launch of Full Circle
Posted June 26, 2006 - 14:07:29

Full CircleThis week marks the tenth anniversary of TRHOnline. Originally entitled "Eric's Homepage," and hosted on AOL's member pages, it was my second attempt at a personal homepage - and annoyingly featured a midi file playing in the background...

...yeah, I'd like to apologize for that. It seemed like a good idea at the time. *grin* But I put that monstrosity online on June 25, 1996. If you want to see what the page looked like back then, you can view an archived copy.

The site has gone through quite a few changes, was retitled to Traegorn RavenHawk Online in 1999, and was moved several times before the domain "" was purchased in 2000. The community aspect has evolved quite a bit as well. We've had at least three different message boards, an IRC chatroom no one ever went to, a failed attempt at a homebrew instant messenger client, and most recently we've added a bloghost to the list of features. The involvement in others has become more and more important.

And the fandom areas of the site have been reduced, while the original content increases, with short films, articles, and pure randomness have shoved misplaced media worship to the side. The site is much larger than what it used to be, and I'm quite happy with it.

To celebrate this anniversary (which yes, I know was actually yesterday) we are launching a new area to TRHOnline. What I'd like to announce is the launch of "Full Circle." Full Circle is an exercise in "Alternate Reality Fiction," where the story of six college students will be told from their own point of view. Rather than say it through a comic, or prose, we're telling the story through the character's blogs. Their blogs are hosted on "TRHBlogsPremium," but before you ask, there are no real Premium services here - it's just for realism - so don't go asking me for invite codes to a fictional beta test, alright?

Our six heroes are Lynn, Marcus, James, Dave, 'Brina and Adaline. Feel free to check out their blogs, and enter the world of Eau De Puanteur, WI and life at Clearwater University. Monday through Saturday, there will be a major post in one of the blogs related to the story (you can find the schedule on the Full Circle mainpage). Feel free to comment on the blogs - and don't be surprised if a character responds to you. That is part of the whole point. And please - tell your friends.

There are three of us writing it, each of us taking two characters. This is what we're calling the proto-launch, as portions of the artificial universe are far from done, but this is where our story begins - so please, come on in.

Lynn has made the first major post...
- Traegorn

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Not to pick nits here Trae, but these "alternate reality" ficiton blogs seem to tell the EXACT SAME "story" as the actual blogs by real college kids on the TRHNetwork, with the names and events (slightly) changed and rearranged. I'm not saying this is a bad endeavor, it just (thus far) seems pointless. I'll watch the story though; hopefully you've got an ace up your sleeve to make it more than just a praphrase of the non-fiction portions of the TRHNetwork. Do you write all of the alternate reality blog entrys yourself? Add in a CIA agent-turned-serial-killer, an android high school chick,  and a pot smoking duck. That helped keep my otherwise dull "alternate reality fiction" interesting in college.
There are two other writers - when I expand the Full Circle metasite, they'll be credited - but they're Keanu and Liz (of Zombie House).  We each writer two characters.

This is effectively the sequel to Room 825, David.  Many of the plotlines are from that storyline that I had never ended up drawing.  Right now Marcus is the only returning character, but Will and Terry may return in the future as well. Also, right now things seem a bit ordinary... but I wouldn't guarantee on things staying that way.

The difference is also that this is interactive fiction - in the sense that characters can be interacted with via comments (and e-mail, if you can find their e-mail addresses), and reader contribution can influence the plot.  We're also building a network of in-universe websites that center around Eau De Puanteur (our setting), a few of which are online - but most of which will go online in the fall.

What you're seeing is a very ambitious alternate reality project in it's seedling form.  It will grow much larger than this.

Trae Dorn
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