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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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NoBrandCon 2006!
Posted Apr 24, 2006 - 21:03:54

NoBrandCon 2006NoBrandCon was this weekend, and it rocked. Rocked the friggin' house! I've posted my NoBrandCon Report, which gives you a good amount of highlights, and links to a decent photo gallery. Again, it was a ton of fun. I won't rehash the whole thing here, but I will provide you with the highlights:
  • Getting to hang out with Derek was awesome!
  • Seeing Cap'n Kellin & Taelic.
  • Seeing (and getting humped by) Damien, along with the little time I got to see June, the Joe, and the rest of the Genesis Mindworks crew.
  • Knowing Foam Swords will always be a part of No Brand Con
  • HANZO! And all of the people who made it through to Hanzo 3. Especially people who sit in the front row, and people who give me hats!
  • Every person who came to an event I was in!
  • Having people show up to my panel, which was weird.
  • Sweating my arse off during the dance!
  • Seeing some great guests!
  • POCKY! Mmmmm.... pocky.  I lived on it for two of the three days - that's not healthy, but really... who cares?
  • A Hotel with a great layout - I mean, I officially love the Ramada.  Everything was easy to find for our attendees for the most part.
  • Not having to run around like a chicken with my head cut off -- it was refreshing.
We had a record setting attendance of 605 this year, which is absolutely incredible.  I once said "We'll never break 600 since we're in Eau Claire." I am more than happy to be forced to eat those words.  That's not a bad place to be.  Hehe, hopefully next time we'll be bigger.  Yessss.... bigger.  It also looks like we'll have a budget three times that of this year for next, so look out for us making NoBrandCon even better -- and it shows we'll be here for years go come.

It was weird having an actual budget this year.  What's weirder is thinking that we'll have a DECENT budget for next.  Yeah, trippy, ain't it?

Damn, I love this con. It's so weird to see this thing, this thing that has been my baby since day one, become something this big. I read things like this from my blog archives, and I just sit in amazement as to how things have changed so much - it really is absolutely incredible.

I say Gardening, you say...
- Traegorn

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NINJA!  I was in the front row and like people who host Hanzo the Razor.  My livejournal is grissom500 btw.  No Brand Con was my first anime con ever, and I will be coming back, if only to watch vinnk dance in a skirt again.

Good job to you and all your friends who run that monster.

And remember, I was born sometime between 1977-83, so I may have helped with Hanzo!

dude, 605 people!  Good gods, what has this thing become?  That's more than 5x our first year's attendance.  Damn.  I am one dumbfounded meep.

Meep (the dumbfounded)

PS somehow, my email and password were either changed or I screwed it up when I entered them.  My password didn't work, and it says it's the wrong email addy for the account when I try to gett a reminder.  it's user: meep and email:
Meep - I've corrected your account.  You had mistyped "gmail" in your profile.

Elise - All I'm saying is that nothing clears a room like a documentary on Teen Depression.

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