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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Of jobage and old age.
Posted Apr 28, 2006 - 0:32:46

RUN AWAY!So, today I had the interview to be rehired for my job. Before you get confused, the job that pays my bills and provides for where I live is that of Judicial Board Chairperson for UW-Eau Claire Housing and Residence Life. This is technically an elected position though, so to continue in the job requires that I be rehired/re-elected every year that I hold it. Geh. This year I had very steep competition as well, so I was very stressed out about it. I mean, I know that I'm doing a good job - but you can't ever tell for certain if that means that people will think you're doing a better job than what everyone else could.

If that makes any sense whatsoever...

But, I digress. I kept my job. This makes me happy. I like my job. It's a fun job. Really, that's what this all comes down to. But I was nervous. Very, very, very nervous. Weakened knees nervous... yeah.

Today seems to be a day that the universe wants to remind me that I'm old though. First off, I went and stated my age during my interview. Oh sure, I didn't have to, but I've always found that when you're like five years older than your competition and (re)applying for jobs for housing it actually makes you look better. Age instinctively means experience for some people, even if it isn't true. Of course, I really did have more experience - but mentioning my age is like giving the cliff's notes on it.

Next, I went and checked my mailbox and found that I had recieved the Alumni newsletter. Ummm, what? I live on the campus, and they are sending me the ALUMNI newsletter. Did no one remind them that not only was I still a current student (who is EMPLOYED by them as well), but that they were also shipping the issue to an ON CAMPUS address? I live on campus - you'd think they'd realize not to waste the stamp... geh.

I need sleep...

- Traegorn

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congratulations on being re-elected!

now i must go send this birthday card (whose birthday is in november) to my neighbor across the street. but first i need stamps!

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