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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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NoBrandCon Stuff, and a tweak to TRHBlogs
Posted Apr 14, 2006 - 13:29:42

So, I've been spending much of the last few weeks doing preperations for NoBrandCon.  I'm incredibly excited about the con this year - possibly moreso than previous years - and so far all of my projects are coming together (knock on wood).  Later today Topher and I are getting together to review the Cosplay Contest rules and shoot the remaining footage for a video which is for Opening Ceremonies.

Yeah, did I mention I'm a judge for the Cosplay Contest?  Well, I am.

I still have to finish making the sign up forms for the Variety Show, but other than that - I'm pretty much ready.  Well, I still have to find my Rake - but that's a rather minor point.  All and all, this year's NoBrandCon is going to be the best one yet.  Yeah, I'm bouncing around.  I've put quite a bit of work into this year's opening ceremonies.  Last year, when I wasn't involved in this particular aspect, technical difficulties kind of derailed Opening Ceremonies and it really ended up being disappointing for many.  I plan on making people forget about that completely though, and I can tell you that right now - even in a worst case scenario - this will rock your socks.

On a side note, last night I did some work to TRHBlogs which (I think) is pretty cool.  You'll see it the next time you go to create a new post, or if you want to edit an old one.  I've added a "Rich Text Editor" to the software, which will let you format your TRHBlog Entries like a Word Processor.  No more trying to figure out HTML if you don't know it - you can just click the "B" on the toolbar to make text bold.  It's pretty neat if you ask me.  The Rich Text Editor I can't take credit for, it's from an open source project called Dojo.  It should work in the most recent versions of Firefox, Camino, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera (older versions of the last two might find problems). 

But worry not Power Users, if you still want to just edit or post from the raw HTML of an entry, you still can.  Think of the Rich Text Editor as a shortcut for when you don't feel like screwing around with all that other stuff is all.

I will be replacing the "Comments" textarea with this eventually too, but I have to sit down and do it still.  The nice thing about this is that, in theory, if your browser doesn't support it you should still see a functional Textarea and be able to use the form - quite a few of the Rich Text Editing solutions out there make that process a little too complicated, y'know?  Wait, you probably don't.  You probably haven't been looking for things like this like I have. *grin*

I may eventually use this interface to ressurect the old "Notepad" utility I used to have on a couple of years ago.

- Traegorn

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Well, now the comment system is based off of the same kind of editor as well, so you can play with it here too!

Yep yep yep...
You need to get the script done soon (or at least my part). I want a couple days to look it over and make sure I won't fuck up. Tuesday or Wednesday at least, please?
That shouldn't be a problem.

I'll get you your part of the script before the weekend is over.

Trae Dorn
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