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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Fire Alarms in the Middle of the Night Aren't That Much Fun.
Posted Apr 17, 2004 - 12:36:42

Okay, so right now I'm rested and awake (as it's 11 something in the morning), but last night... last night, at 4am, some drunk boneheads on the fourth floor of the south tower of Towers decided that it'd be fun to play around with the fire extinguishers. They managed to fill their floor with noxious chemicals, and set off the alarms.

Oh, for joy.

I had been quietly watching TV in the lounge, when I was forced to go outside... for a goddamned hour... and sit in the cold. I didn't have it anywhere near as bad as some of my friends... my friend Andy had accidentally grabbed a pair of his girlfriend's pants, and was struggling to hold them up (while not crushing certain sensitive bits of the male anatomy)... which was quite amusing. Heck, I even had it better than Leah, who was stuck out there in a skirt...

...afterwards, I tried to sit down and watch TV again. Unfortunately, I was unable to, because they couldn't let the boneheads from fourth floor south back on their floor until the chemicals were cleaned up. This meant that all of the drunken morons had to stay downstairs... and they all crowded into the TV lounge.

So, I gave up and went to bed.

My evening previous to that was fairly good. At Otaku Anonymous we watched episodes 26 and 27 of Full Metal Alchemist, some more Read or Die the TV Series, and a couple of new series... One of those new series was just weird, but I'll write more about it when I can remember the title. The other was just a blatant Azumanga Daioh rip off, and Azumanga Daioh did it significantly better... but I forget it's name as well.

Oh yeah, and for the heck of it we watched Kill Bill Volume 1.

So, lots of good stuff, and all in good fun. If Leah shows up to another meeting, we get to name her... and that should be hysterical. I also creatively rewired my speakers... which was interesting as my original plan failed horribly, but I eventually got it working.

This weekend at the University is the annual Viennese Ball, or V-Ball for short. There is a time where every freshmand thinks V-Ball stands for Volley Ball, and they all get confused... and this year was no exception. Regardless though, V-Ball is used as an excuse for the University to bilk money out of Alumni, and for underage college students to get smashed and act like morons since hardly anyone cards at V-Ball. That latter half is waht drives me nuts, since I'm all about bilking alumni out of money. I hate the wandering crowds of V-Ball attendees as they stumble home at 2am and I have to deal with them.

Grrr... hatred for V-Ball weekend.

But, I digress, I think I'm going to roll out of bed and hit the showers. Now, off with you...
- Traegorn

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