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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Strange Days Taste Like Roasted Garlic, and other observations...
Posted Apr 15, 2004 - 22:58:05

I have had nothing involving roasted garlic today, but that's the distinct taste in my mind, clouding my vision, and moving my soul...

...or something like that. Today was strange... I hate going to see Doctors, I just want to point that out. I really do. I admire the men and women who persue the profession, and think that they do a wonderful job. But I still hate going to them.

And when my day begins with a visit to one, well... needless to say, it does not bode well for the rest of it. Now, don't get concerned or anything - there is nothing wrong with me that anyone is aware of. This is a pre-emptive, just in case situation. This is a "the odds say there is nothing wrong, but to play it safe Trae will visit the Doctor to be sure" situation.

Went to juggling though, and that was fun. It was gorgeous out, so we were outside. It was very good... and I'm not just saying that because there were cute girls there, because frankly - there are always cute girls there. I need to improve my Diabolo work more before next week, when I have to do the whole thing at the school... yeah. I at least don't have to worry about dropping it anymore.

The standard post juggling dinner in the cafeteria degenerated into a borderline foodfight at some points. It's what I get for sitting across from Erika, yeesh. Some of the food ended up in, well "interesting" places... but it was all in innocent fun. Sorry folks, nothing racy or torrid to infer. Although much "A-salting" occurred, and it was truly utter and total choas. I'd never had a jalepano down my shirt before... and more than likely I never will again.

After dinner, Leah and I took a walk on Putnam trail, up to where the ridge collapsed and it's blocked off. We talked about some stuff that needed to be talked about, and I think it was constructive... yeah.

And right now it's about 10pm, and I have a crap load of work to get done. So while the middle of today was fun, the beginning and end rather suck. I'll be busting my ass to get this done tonite. How-not-exciting. Yeesh.

There's a very funny Onion article, that makes me miss living in Milwaukee... where I could have cut this out and pinned it on my wall or something... I guess posting this blog entry will have to do instead. It's a humorous take on campaign advertising, that is guaranteed to offend both the left and right. Read the article here, you goons. Yeah.

In anycase, this work isn't going to do itself, so I better stop wasting my time talking to you guys.

Birdman out.
- Traegorn

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