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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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And I begin to move...
Posted Jan 29, 2004 - 0:22:27

I feel... good. I feel very good. I feel... happy? Maybe. I'm not quite sure yet. Maybe I'll give it a few more minutes...

...yep, I'm happy.


Today has been an interesting one, none the less. Am I all better? Hell no. This isn't a story book where you can just wave a magic wand. The pit of my stomach still feels somewhat hollowed out, and I have that pesky habit of looking forelornly at the floor. But, I'm better than I was yesterday, and I'll be better than I was today tomorrow. So, hope reigns supreme once again, it's just shining with a truer light.

Of course, right now if Erin were to walk into the room, I'd probably just shatter back to pieces, as this is a fragile construction at the moment - but I'd be able to pick myself back up again fairly quickly.

I went to AAS tonite, which was funn. I need to start going again. I mean, hey -- I own a VCR, I can tape West Wing. Passed by Sean on the way -- didn't even realize it was him until he said Hi... which was awkward. I wonder what the hell he was thinking saying anything to me, but I digress. AAS was fun, and I had a good time.

This next bit isn't directly related to any actual events, but a conversation I had earlier today made me think about it. I don't want people to not tell me something for risk of it "hurting my feelings". Things will always get back to me, so don't try to cover them up. I don't think that everyone should have to tell me everything that's going on, per say (unless of course it directly involves me), but I don't think people should "stretch the truth", or tell me downright contradictory stories either. Because while you may think you're sparing my feelings, what you're really doing is making it worse.

It's always worse when you find out, AND it turns out your operating under false presumptions. Like about a bazillion times worse.

Back in the days of TRHOnline v3.0 I had a "Rant" (one of the two sections that my blog replaced) about how I didn't need anyone protecting me. That rant was specific... and if it wasn't so poorly written, I'd repost it (*grin*).

Anywho, that's not important. I talked with Derek (Roach) online today, and got caught up with the events of the whole entire one week that's gone by since I saw him last. That boy has got himself one complicated life somedays -- I can't wait until he, Chris (Winchester), and Heather (Faery) come up for NoBrandCon in March. It is going to rock.

And I know I promised to have a scan of Chibi-Brandi, but I haven't had time to go fix up the image yet. On the upside, I've added a Chibi-Amanda image to go with it, so y'all will get two freakish images for the price of one... which costs $0, so I guess it's also two for the price of three if you think of it that way.

Well, my roommate is headed to bed, so I think I'm going to turn off my computer so he can sleep. Y'all have a good night. As you can see, I've altered the mainpage too. No big deal - now it's old school, with five posts on the front instead of just one. Woot.

Oh, and I heard the best line today, in the FanDub Parody "This is Otakudom":

"If Goku is so great, how come he's dead all the time!"

And that is all.
- Traegorn

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