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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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And I lose four hours of my life...
Posted Jan 30, 2004 - 1:01:01

Soul Calibur 2, you are my enemy. For I cannot stop playing you, oh evil game.

After High and Mighty Jugglers (Yes, I am in a juggling club - and no, I can't juggle. I'm learning the Diabolo, but I still can't juggle), I went to the traditional "Lets go get food afterwards", which was as always... umm... full of food and stuff.

But, afterwards, rather than just go up the hill, I stopped at Putnam to maybe play a few rounds of Soul Calibur 2 with Mephisto, Thor, and a few other people. This was, like maybe 7:00pm.

At 11:00pm, I finally realized how late it was.

Oi... today was okay. I'm doing a lot better today than yesterday. Still feel like crap, mind you, but it's still an improving trend.

I had an incredibly personal paragraph originally written, and placed right here. I read it over, and I deleted it. Why? Because I realized just how pathetic it sounded. It mostly made it sound like I was a lot more depressed than I was today. Because I've felt pretty good for most of today, and I don't think a five minute lapse of me being unhappy is worth complaining about. The moral of the original story, is that I can't hang out around Erin yet -- but we all knew that, so there's no need for me to give you the angsty details.

Also, someone tell me to stop using computer solitaire as a make-shift tarot. Just because it's been right so far, doesn't mean it's anything real. And the way I work is, that once I convince myself of something for five minutes, I can't stop myself from believing it. I think I need to relearn some basic skepticism (*grin*).

Anywho, I should get some rest. I'm actually quite sleepy, and need to get up semi-early.

- Traegorn

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