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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Happy Birthday Erin!
Posted July 17, 2003 - 13:58:07

Yep, today is Erin's birthday. That's right, 25 years ago, The Erin was born. Wootage! Anywho, if you see her in person, say happy birthday. Or, drop her an Instant message if you see her on her Yahoo or ICQ.

I had a rather amusing day yesterday - unfortunately I can't really share my story yet. Why? Because if I talked about it, I'd end up revealing what I'm giving Erin for her birthday. I'll be sure to post it all though after Friday, which is when I give Erin her gift. I'll just tease you with this though: It involves Me, Derek, and a whole lot of frustration. Yeah. So, it'll be fun.

I am excited that Erin's coming down tomorrow too. Oi, this is so frustrating to try to make this work over the summer - because we're so far away from each other. This is going to be so much easier in the fall... yeesh. But I'll quit whining and being angsty right there. I'm sure that most of my readers are preparing to lynch me for getting so sappy.

Last night I got into a rather heated discussion about webbrowsers with Heather online. I ended up getting really mad - not because she was disagreeing with me, no. But because she just wouldn't BELIEVE me. I swear, it really drives me nuts when people doubt my knowledge of certain things. I mean, when it comes to computers, I don't know everything - but if I make a statement, it's usually because I've done research on the matter, and actually know what I'm talking about. Grrr. I'm not really mad at Heather (Faery), but it's really irritating when someone who hasn't done the research tells you that "you can't be right because they could never get away with that"... grrr....

Anywho, I guess it's not that big a deal. I think I'm more pissed about the conversation than I am at any person, so it's no big deal. I guess.

Use Mozilla.

Anyways, I'm at home alone - and I will be until like Monday or so, so when Erin comes down we'll have the place all to ourselves. (*grin*). I'm very happy about that. Yay. I've really got to clean this place up before she gets here though - it's a mess. And I need to look for work, so I should stop being a lazy doof, and do that. I've not made it any easier on myself by waiting this long... yeesh.
- Traegorn

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