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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Angst and Anxiety.
Posted July 14, 2003 - 15:15:19

So, these have not been good days for my friends. Very much not good. In fact, while I've been alright, for some of my friends, their lives have downright sucked for the last few days.

First off, my girlfriend is sick. Erin called in sick for work today, but she's really been sick since last Thursday or Wednesday (Wednesday she was feeling ill, but it really didn't start to suck until Thursday). The Erin feels like crap, boys and girls - so I'm worried about her. Erin, if you're reading this right now, get sleep, drink lots of fluids, and don't stress yourself. Hopefully she'll feel better by the time her Birthday comes around on Thursday, or at least by the time she drives down to see me on Friday...

So, with the fact that we have that occurance, Faery (Heather) has been in a very unique, and dangerous situation that I won't go too far in depth on. It's really between her and Tim, with peripheral involvement of Chris (Winchester). I won't go into details, but LiveJournal users who are friends of Faery can read her side, and if you know where Tim's blog is, you can read his side. I don't want to get involved beyond support for Heather, so I'm not going to comment about the personal comments hurled at me by Tim. He harbors a bewildering hatred of me that I've never understood - or at least, I only have theories... none of which I'll post here publicly. I'm tempted to say more, but while it would be funny, probably wouldn't help the situation anymore. I deal with stress via humor, but I think that it's best not to inflame this anymore than I already have in this post.

Of course, I've mentioned before that Derek and Jamie broke up - but I won't rehash that. Frankly, out of the three situations, Derek (Roach) is the one doing the best...

In personal news, my parents are both leaving town on Tuesday... leaving me Home Alone (*Does the stupid scream from the movie - and is promptly beaten to a bloody pulp by his readers*) for a week. Which is not that big a deal really - and it'll be nice when Erin comes down to have the place to ourselves. Assuming she's not still sick that is... I really hope she feels better. Anyways, that's about the begining and ending of everything right now. Yeesh...
- Traegorn

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