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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Mass Production
Posted Dec 7, 2009 - 9:14:50

Hard at work, drawing stick figuresSo on Friday I talked about being creatively blocked. To say that any sort of writers block I had before is still there would be an error though, as this weekend I began work on the webcomic I plan on launching.

I wrote three months worth of strips, and fully drew the first month already.

Because of that, I decided that rather than wait for the new year, I would instead launch the comic now. Okay, maybe not now, but tomorrow at least. The page for the comic is already set up, although if you visit it right now all you'll see is a coming soon message.

I've also made it so the most recent comic will post to the front page of - so those of you who are lazy will still be able to read it.

For those of you I haven't explained this to, the comic is titled "UnCONventional," and will tell the story of a group of characters who run an Anime Convention. Now, before you say anything, the fictional convention is not directly based off of the Anime Convention I co-founded and still help run (No Brand Con), nor are the people in the story directly based off of my friends. While some of my experiences will be portrayed, I'm also incorporating the experiences from my years of working scifi and gaming cons in my youth, along with the stories I've heard from friends who work other conventions.

Likewise, when the characters visit other cons, don't think too hard about what convention I'm imitating. You'll find elements of Kakkoi|Con mixed with Geek.kon mixed with Gen Con. These are fictional composites, designed to feel real, but are different from anything else.

Because I was designing a fictional convention staff, I had to come up with more than my four primary characters. It's funny, I have a massive cast designed, but I think that in the first three months of scripts half of them have yet to actually appear. This is a good thing though, as these other characters are there for authenticity more than story. Well, except for Awesome Roy. Awesome Roy will be there because Awesome Roy is Awesome.

Too bad you won't meet him until February.

So check the site tomorrow, and you'll find my bizarre stick figure variants running the fictional (and poorly named) "Bork Con." The comic will be updated on Tuesday and Thursdays, so I apologize if it takes a little while to get going.

Hopefully, you'll think it's worth it.
- Traegorn

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I'm glad you know the most important thing about webcomics is to have an archive before you launch.
I hope you reference me somewhere in there at some point.
Kitty -- Yeah, that was a requirement for me.  Right now the comics for the rest of the month are already finished and online (just queued for release over time).  I plan on sitting down next weekend and drawing the rest, which shouldn't take me too long.

Langland -- I wouldn't look too hard.  I'm trying to avoid direct references to real world people, as I don't want to offend anyone.  The instant you reference one person directly, people start assuming the other characters are based off of other real people, and things just snowball.
So I assume there is no naive guy who is helping run the con but isn't sure how he ended up doing so...
Technically even if there was a character based on me, no one would even know because I'm a figment of con lore and only appear at random!
That comic is very funny on the side. Your comics are starting out good and they are hilariously just to add but then again I actually get jokes.

Trae Dorn
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