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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Random Hate From Canada
Posted Nov 10, 2009 - 13:35:31

 So yesterday I didn't write a blog entry like I usually do on Monday mornings as I wasn't feeling well (and subsequently took the day off from both my official job... and the website, which is sort of my unofficial job). But just because I don't post something to the front page of this site doesn't mean that things stop happening on the site apparently.

One of the amazing things I've always been entertained by are the strange, hate filled individuals who seem to slowly patrol the internet, looking for random places to call people names for no apparent reason. They seem to stop by my site every so often and make some obscene and/or insulting comment on something and move on... never to be seen again.

I'm not talking about people who know me, or who might otherwise stop by because they've been pointed here by someone. I mean people who have never before visited my site or blog, have never read anything here, and will likely never visit the site again.

Yesterday afternoon, one of those people (a Canadian searching for "" on Google) decided to pay me a visit. They found a blog entry on my friend Anna's wedding from three years ago, and they posted the following comment:
get a life u retarded loser talking about ur friend-btw it was very touching noooooooooooooooooooooot!syke!loser fat bum face bear retard u ate a horse
My response to this... well, effectively, my response to this is what the f***?

I cannot even begin to process this comment. This person... this random, Canadian person... they visit a three year old entry on someone's personal blog and criticize them for writing about their actual life. They then subsequently TELL me to get a life, when the entry they have commented on is one that indicates that I have one. I went somewhere and did something with friends... therefore indicating the presence of a social life. There is a total failure of logic and reasoning in my random troll's message.

And is it weird that I'm incredibly bothered by their inability to spell the word "psych?" Or that I'm bothered that someone is saying "not!" and "psych!" in 2009 when these phrases haven't been used commonly for over a decade? I mean, who says "not!" sarcastically anymore? That died out when Wayne's World faded from the collective, cultural consciousness.

I am both puzzled and entertained... but in no way actually insulted. So thank you "Random Canadian" (IP address - a public library terminal in Hamilton, Ontario), you have provided a mental puzzle for me to think about today... moron.
- Traegorn

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Oh the Canadians can make me Laugh a lot of times. I often bump into them during my adventures through the Internet.

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