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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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It's just a Witchy Week...
Posted Oct 23, 2008 - 10:09:27

 So, apparently this week Witchcraft is in the air... and I didn't even write a Wicca essay. Who would have thought, eh? Okay, so it's pretty predictable around these parts, but I can pretend to be surprised at least.

First off, for those of you who have read my article on might be curious to know that Ms. Palladino has written a response to me on her website. Now, I don't really believe her, but I thought it would only be fair to let people know what she was saying.

On a much more positive note, the UWEC student newspaper, The Spectator, in it's "Hey, it's October, let's write about Wicca!" coverage talked to me on Tuesday. The resulting article was published in today's issue. I don't really come into the article until about the third page of it, but yep -- there I am.

The writer makes a mistake (confusing the number of Esbats with the number of Sabbats), but she has since e-mailed me saying they'll make a correction in the next issue and fix it on the website... so depending on when you read the online copy the mistake might not be there. It's a little frustrating, because they kind of put it as words in my mouth. There are other bits that are awkwardly phrased, but I can forgive that... as I threw a lot of terminology at the writer she probably wasn't familiar with.

Honestly, it's an article that portrays Wicca neither as a fad or as fluffy bunnies, so to that I say good job. It's always nice to see some good press that isn't portraying Wicca as a bunch of hippies or goth kids.

Not that there's something inherently wrong with hippies or goth kids... I'm just not really either of those on any level.

At all.

I just find it funny that in all of the years I spent as a student on that campus, I was never asked by the Spectator for anything when they ran articles on Wicca. But now that I've been out of college for over a year, they decide to come calling. It's just one of those little ironies that makes life entertaining.

One of the things that always strikes me as funny is how unaware so many people are that Wiccans exist. When I was talking to the writer of the Spectator piece, Heather Mawhiney, on Tuesday she mentioned she didn't know any Wiccans. I kind of laughed at that, as I knew quite a few on campus during my time there, and most you wouldn't pick out of a crowd as any different from anyone else. We don't really wear name tags or carry around large "I'm a Wiccan" signs.

Well, some do, but they mostly irritate the crap out of the rest of us (not because they're not hiding, but just because of the personality a lot of them have).

Mostly the reason I don't advertise in public has less to do with fear of persecution and more to do with not wanting to give people a theology lesson. Nine times out of ten, if I tell someone what my religion is, it turns into my having to explain my entire belief system to the person.

Well, that and since I don't really care what your religion is, why should you care what my religion is? I assume you don't, so I don't say anything about it.

I think I'll pour myself some root beer...
- Traegorn

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