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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Geek.kon 2008 (Vlog 2.27)
Posted Sep 29, 2008 - 13:24:13

As mentioned half a dozen times before, Crysta and I loaded up the van and drove down to Geek.kon in Madison this weekend to vend for Rising Stuff, promote No Brand Con, and otherwise have a fairly good time. I only have a tiny bit of footage, but I've done my best to make it appear at least slightly interesting.
Music in this was, of course, a Happy Wednesday track -- "His Tentacled Glory" to be specific. This is officially the last episode of "Season 2" of this vlog. Exciting, I know.

Geek.kon was a very nice con. We went last year, and I honestly got to do a lot more then as we were just attending. Seriously, 90% of our time was spent in our section of the dealer area. I guess that's the best way to describe it -- Geek.kon is held in an Academic building, and they only really have classrooms at their disposal. Last year they tried to cram a bunch of vendors into one tiny room... and it was not the best idea. Thankfully this year they reorganized it by splitting the vendors into four separate rooms.

It made for an interesting set up to tell you the truth. While it's harder to attract people automatically, it does let you talk to the actual customers who are there. It worked well enough though, and sales were decent. In fact we sold the Mika Todd plushie that no one wanted to buy (in fact, there was a half hour where I think someone could have convinced me that the long defunct Mini Moni was the most popular group on the planet). We also (as noted in the video) actually sold the Hanson CD Peso had shipped me as a joke.

That still makes me laugh.

Derek came up with Sam and Kellin's crew, so I got to see him for a little while... but as we were in different vendor rooms, we didn't see each other that much. I also saw Befu for five seconds, when she punched me in the shoulder. There were many, many No Branders present as well, so I can't even begin to list them all. Meep showed up on Saturday though and hung out for a good amount of time, which was awesome. I hadn't actually seen him since his wedding... in 2004. It was a lot of fun catching up and getting to talk to him about life in general. Definitely a highlight of the con.

I managed to stop by the video game room briefly early Sunday morning, and mainly got to look around while no one was there. As the equipment was mostly ours from No Brand Con, it was a pretty good setup. I think the Chief was proud of his work.

Saturday was a billion times more crowded than Sunday. I didn't get to go to any panels either. We didn't have anyone to cover for us to take time out during the vendor room hours, and Crysta and I were absolutely wiped when we were done at the end of the day.

Like seriously wiped.

As stated earlier in this blog, we stayed with my brother. It was nice getting to hang out with him for a while. He's sporting a wicked beard now... which makes him look like our Dad which is hilarious. I will say though, that after two nights on that futon mattress on his living room floor... getting back to our own bed in Eau Claire was wonderful Sunday night.

The next convention we'll be at is Daisho Con in November. Hope to see you there.
- Traegorn

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I came by to ask what you thought of the gardening ninja kid, but I see that you addressed it in your video.  Awesome. 

The Humanities building is a freaking nightmare; I can't believe that it was held there again, but at least there were MORE vendor rooms this year.

I already can NOT wait for NoBrandCon 2009.

: jodi aka soNOTcool
Well, Geek.kon has a microscopic budget for space since they're a free convention, so the Humanities Building makes total sense for them.  It's what they can afford.
I was a highlight of the convention?  Ouch!  Just kidding. 

It was truly awesome to see you again, Trae.  And immersing myself once again in the chaos and strangeness of the con world was great.  It was a lot like a class reunion only I actually wanted to see everyone I ran into.  Well, that and everyone is dressed weird and carrying swords.

I have to say it once again, it is incredibly strange to be in the same building with you and Orange and not be in charge of the con.  I feel like a retired general watching some rookie running a campaign.  Not that they did a bad job by any stretch, just different.


As I side note, posting on here has revived issues with keeping my online personae straight.
If class reunions involved dressing weird and wielding swords, I might not have skipped mine this summer. Ok, I probably still would have.
Oooh, hey, I remember you! Met you Sunday--I'm the old fat redhead in the black Chinese long coat with the red dragons embroidered on it--long reddish hair, walking with a cane, babbling semi-incoherently most of the time I was at your table? Yeah, busted. That's me.

It was great to meet you and I'm sure I'll see you at DaishoCon since our room's booked and I'm doing con reservations this weekend.

See you then,
Serra, Deb or whatever I'm being called that day (most days it's "Crazy Lady" or "Um, you--we need a volunteer at...")
good to see you both again!

Trae Dorn
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