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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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A four letter word for a Seventh Video - Snow
Posted Nov 12, 2006 - 16:29:13

So, on Friday it snowed in Eau Claire, and a group of us took a walk late Friday Night after most of OA had wrapped up. It's mildly entertaining, and since I had the camera along - well - here you go:

Of course, as always, the three or four seconds of To Slay Zombie Newton should be credited, but most of the music in the video comes from The Blue Man Group - as we watched a DVD of their stuff after the walk. The two tracks are "Rods and Cones" and then "I feel Love" (which features Venus Hum).

I know, I know, I've been doing these once a week. I'm not really planning them out though. I just have started bringing the camera along places, and if something remotely interesting occurs, I film it.

I actually hadn't even thought about it when I tossed my camera in my coat when I went out on Friday night. I wish the batteries hadn't died though, because there's a lot of stuff that was just beautiful out there. I really wish I could have shared it.

The full path of our walk was back around McPhee, down the stairs, then a right on the Putnam trail and looped back around on the trail that goes along the side of the hill and kicks you back up by McPhee again. We then went back to Towers, where we had been hanging out post-OA. I know, I know - not terribly exciting - but believe me when I say that the whole place was beautiful.

Also, we also figured out that if it had been a horror film, I would be the first to die out of the four of us, followed by Beeffalo - and that Calvsie would ironically be the most likely to survive.

Yeah... I think I need a Diet Coke.
- Traegorn

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Of course Tesla can't teleport. He can only *censored for spoilers*.

Also, go see the Prestige.
I saw a special on Blue Man Group a little while ago, and I remembered really liking that song (rods & cones). Good choice. That area near the stairs was really pretty. Because Taeliac and I are literally less than 3 blocks from Lake MI, we get some crazy lake effect snow every year. It's always pretty at first, and then after months and's just damn cold. And wet. Maybe I'm just feeling pessimistic.
Kellin, I love that area by the stairs - they're just gorgeous any time of the year.

And I love the music from the Blue Man Group... and just dug out MP3s I already had for the video. :P
wow... so much calvsie... now I understand the part about my voice being to high pitch... man that gets annoying... wait... this me I'm talking about... drat...

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