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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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That's Right - A Fourth Video Entry
Posted Oct 23, 2006 - 3:01:48

So, it's been a couple of weeks since I did a video entry - so I decided that I would again. Exciting, I know.

So, this entry reports on S.T.E.A.K., the unofficial spin-off Gaming Festival of NoBrandCon that Topher (both named) engineered. I know it's hard to understand in the video, but I wasn't trying to take credit for the name - just that I had been the one to suggest what the "T" would stand for.

I'll probably write up a con/gathering report about it in a few days - we'll see. It's more of whether or not I think I could fill a whole article with it.

Also - for those who haven't checked out the proposed front page resdesign, you should (Go here - but just a warning, it may screw up your login session with the site - so you might have to log in again). Tell me what you think about it - I'm interested in your feedback on it.

Finally, just a reminder that we still have points left for the October Karma Challenge. I doubt anyone will go after them - but if you're still interested, it's open until November.
- Traegorn

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Well if you do need librarians on your website, I can provide my services for a nominal fee (since I am in training- need tuition money). :cP

Wow... I didn't even know that you paid attention to my website.
Your video posts are too long and laggy. That's what the problem is, I think. Basically, you should only really put the things in them that require video, like the part where you were at STEAKcon.

I still say it was way too cold.
video blogs are supposed to be for stuff that cannot be described in text 
cut it short b/c no one wants to look at you talk for 5 minutes when we can read the same material in 30 sec. 
You know - no one made you click play if you have such an issue with this "Anonymous." If you don't want to see me talk, you don't have to press play. (and if I see another sniping comment from an anonymous user, I'm turning off the feature).

Leah - Yeah, the rooms were WAY too cold, because Davies is kept at 65 degrees to save heating costs (because of budget cuts).  I actually opened up the thermostat and turned it up in Arrowhead for most of Sunday, but I turned it back down when we left.  As for the video being long... eh, I'll work on it.  Oddly enough, I've gotten the reverse feedback from other people who apparently do want to see me talk for five minutes.  Who knows... but your comment is noted.
I myself don't find anything wrong with the length of the video entries.  Now I am not being critical of the opinions of those who dislike it.  After all, we do live in America and you can say for the most part whatever you feel like. 

I say keep up the good work. :)
Damn, lost my cover. ;cP The head librarians will not be pleased by this...

I suppose I should get an account if you're turning off the anonymous comments soon.

I haven't decided on it either way...

...but you should get a login anyways. It's a handy thing to have. :P

Trae Dorn
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