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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Of Technical Failures...
Posted Sep 16, 2006 - 15:18:44

Technical DifficultiesSo, in the last several days, a chain of events has occurred which has left me, in the end, quite frustrated with Technology. Allow me to explain...

On Thursday, when I arrived home, I found something interesting - that my TV wasn't quite on the desk where it's supposed to be (I use the desk in my room not as a desk at all, but just as a TV stand). See, for the last couple of years, the carrel attached to the back of the desk has been partially disconnected. This is, in fact, no big deal - but I always notate it on the annual check-in form so they don't think I broke it. In fact, it became quite handy when I started putting a 27" TV on it, as I could tip the carrel back to allow the TV to sit on it safely.

What I didn't expect was the overzealous 19 year old RA to try and be "helpful."

What he did, was file a work order for it - without ever asking me. This meant that a workman entered my room, WITHOUT my consent while I wasn't home, and "fixed" my desk. Now the TV sits an inch sticking off the front of the desk... but that's not the worst part.

See, my speakers are a bit MacGuyvered in their connection. It's perfectly safe electrically, but it does mean that the connection is easily broken if treated roughly. The person dispatched by housing managed to BREAK my speakers connetion. I had to spend two hours fixing the connection on Thursday night... so needless to say I wasn't happy.

What's worse is that my work was for naught, as my speakers had been hooked up to my VCR. Well on Friday, in an event that I hope was not related, my VCR broke. Now, this is frustrating beyond ALL belief - as I rely on my VCR to watch most of my TV (as I have a life, and never watch things during their broadcast timeslot). As there were shows I wanted to watch on Friday (and I had no intention of not going out) I ended up searching for someone willing to lend me a VCR. Fortunately, I found someone, and everything was mostly fine.

Except that I have a DOA VCR.

On the upside I own a second one, but I left it at my parents' house (thinking "Hey, I don't need both of my VCRs!). If I make it down to Anna's wedding next weekend though, I'll pick it up. Sadly, that VCR doesn't have Stereo Inputs/Outputs, so that puts a nix on my having decent stereo for TV watching (I can hook up my DVD player straight to the speaker's built in amp if I buy a two dollar adapter, but the TV itself has no outputs).

I need to just give it up and either buy or build myself a PVR... yeesh.

I've been sick these last few days, but I'm feeling quite better than I did. Other than being ill and having a tremendous issue with technology though, this week has been pretty decent - so we'll see what happens.
- Traegorn

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