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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Schitzophrenic Weather, Holidays, and Various other Details
Posted Nov 29, 2005 - 14:15:48

Random Image from ArchivesSo, the world right now is bouncing around freezing - apparently unsure as to whether it wants to give us snow or freezing rain later on.

Of course, my vote is for snow, because then I can make a snowman. And I'm not saying that just because I want to reference Cannibal! again or anything. No, my purpose is very different. See, I want to build a snowman, and then we need freezing rain afterwards, to give my snowman super-awesom ice armor. Then, the snowman can fight other snowmen to the death, and will dramatically - as he will be INVINCIBLE!

...okay, maybe that was going too far.

Anyways, Thanksgiving was fun, and I got to spend a good amount of time with Derek. We ended up at one point shooting pool down at the Landmark, and yet again I got my ass-whooped. But me getting my ass-whooped at pool is quite normal, so I wasn't surprised. Derek and I also played MANY hours of "Worms," which is officially my favorite bug-ridden game ever. I also had some good quality time with my family though, which was appreciated beyond all belief. It's been a long time since the five of us have sat down and played cards... it was good.

The trip back to Eau Claire was uneventful though - which is good in the sense that I am perfectly alright, but bad in the sense that I don't have an entertaining story for you.

This morning Leah was talking about how much she dislikes the Christmas season. Now, while I love Christmas, I can see where she's coming from in the problems with the over-commercialization of the holiday. I mean, whenever gift-giving is a part of a holiday - commercial enterprise is going to jump right in and exploit it as much as possible. But I think that we have the ability to move beyond that. Christmas is about family for me, about seeing my loved ones, and about the excitement of Christmas day. I don't care if I get socks and a handful of sticks wrapped in twine, I just want to sit in that living room with my folks and open them up. It's Christmas - I'll put the socks on and learn how to do "I Ching" or something.

Who wants their fortune told?
- Traegorn

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I realized there are holidays I don't hate, Gothtoberfest and Fuckmas. But I still have the same problem with Fuckmas, I need to think of a good present, and can't!
Don't give them what I'm giving them... which is most definitely not tube socks.
What's my fortune..oh pick me!
I need a bunch of sticks or coins for I Ching, so no fortunes yet dear. :P
fuckmas????? more like lonely empty bedmas....
Well, Fuckmas is the Winter holiday for the Cult of Edwin - Patron God of the Single.

No one gets anything they want on Fuckmas. In fact, the whole point of the Holiday is that you actually get screwed, as you recieve gifts you really don't want.

Fuckmas is not to be confused with Christmas, which involves ironically much more drinking.
About those yarrow sticks... if you're interested, I believe Ned Beach (religion/philosophy professor) may still have a few bundles in his possession. He might be willing to part with a bundle if you ask nicely. He let me keep my bundle after a "group demo" of the I Ching in Chinese and Japanese religions class. :c)


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